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  1. Something UBER Fun♥

    that is a whole load of shit im here just trying to get u know u all better by doing a few events playing a few games with u all and u guys do is throw me under the bus like i'm just yesterday's trash. Sad
  2. Something UBER Fun♥

    whats wrong with me hosting it i don't get it?
  3. Something UBER Fun♥

    i will host another movie night soon and try again and see what happens
  4. Something UBER Fun♥

    well on the day i did it no one showed up but then i was like ok i will move it until tomorrow and only 1 guy showed up lol i tryed 2 times.
  5. Something UBER Fun♥

    when i did a movie night no one even bother to show up only 1 guy did.
  6. Battle of the Communities IV

    no cuz all the streams were offline even the links u guys gave me did not even work.
  7. Battle of the Communities IV

    did we win???? all i know we lost the first 1
  8. Philip's Bye Bye

    you got to work for it 2 get it.
  9. Philip's Bye Bye

    Thank you for all of your hard work
  10. Let's Count to 20!

  11. Let's Count to 20!

  12. Let's Count to 20!

  13. Let's Count to 20!

  14. PUBG Thread!

    i'm bad at finding guns :( lol but i keep finding cars and shit load of gas and die right after :(
  15. Back To school giveaway

    sorry for the confusion.

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