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  1. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    Community servers are pretty much are impossible to populate at this point. Many people go to big community servers rather than trying out new servers by low-key communities. Also, community servers population are in decline due to the game its self pretty much dying (at least CS:GO). I say just make a server that people want, personally I would like to have a mini-game server out at some point, it's fun and simple to play & make.
  2. CG Body Count

  3. Philip's Bye Bye

    How did the Moon Man become the leader of the Triple K Mafia?
  4. Philip's Bye Bye

  5. CG

    Let's be honest, this community isn't going anywhere unless everyone somehow started to play again (which is less likely). I say CS:GO is pretty much dead for this community and there is no way to revive it. Only thing I can think of is to: a) Turn into a meme community b) Danker meme community Thats all I got for y'all
  6. Headline's Resignation

  7. Up for some help.

    Most of your launch options are unnecessary. Try unbindall in console and exec config.cfg check your fps / rates settings.
  8. Back To school giveaway

    LenHard; http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheOfficalLenHard/
  9. Nuclear Waste

    Because there's no current solution to dispose toxic waste anywhere. Only solutions would be to dump them in bodies of water and bury them underground, which is in general very harmful to the environment. I say NASA should drill down under yellowstone and just end it all (:
  10. thumbnail_Snapchat-8351389_LI.jpg

  11. #BBJB2K17 #BringBackJailBreak2k17

    I'm guessing it's not gonna happen. Rip
  12. Resignation and Goodbye

    The Domino Effect at its best.
  13. Yolo's Dumb Intro

    Joseph :O
  14. Resignation

    Another fellow down

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