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  1. CS:GO Drift

    @Datura Just for you m8 LOL
  2. hi

    Is this the same fonz!e that I destroy in knife fights all the time? ;)
  3. BigNerd Resignation

    A Jailbreak server really depends on the people playing on it... Especially for those who play CT... Rest in Pepperonis... I hope you didn't "fully" lose your passion for Jailbreak. Good luck on playing other games and modes. @Big Nerd
  4. [SnoopDoge][Mod][JailBreak]

    That doesn't have to do with anything I said... And you obviously didn't read what I said on my resignation post as well... @Yorick
  5. [SnoopDoge][Mod][JailBreak]

    Dyrus: "-1, showed no interest when putting together the application." [Magma's Application] Dyrus: "+1. Snoop is constantly on and knows the rules. I'm sure he'd make a good staff member." [Snoop's Application] Just pointing it out there... Snoop is a good guy... I believe he is more than qualified to be a moderator... But that doesn't exempt him from giving less effort compared to everybody else... Just throwing it out there... @Yorick and everybody else that unconsciously puts +1's depending on who the applicant is. You could say that it's second-hand favoritism.
  6. [SnoopDoge][Mod][JailBreak]

    People are forgetting to treat "every" application the same as the applicants that got denied and accepted... Read the application before giving +1's and -1's and you'll see what I mean... Good guy though.
  7. Resignation

    For sure! We should jam soon! Once there's karaoke night or something we'll do it...
  8. Resignation

    Even though my voice cracked... Here you go... I'll miss all ya'll :)
  9. Resignation

    I would like to resign from my Head Admin position in Jailbreak... The reason is "not" because of the community and also "not" because of anybody in the community... I have acquaintances that wanted me to help them with a new community that they are creating which actually just started tonight... I still want to stay friends with the people in this community and would also be available to help this community the best I can. I would like to thank everyone in this community for giving me such a good experience. You guys are like a second family for me and that would never ever change. I will be helping out another community, but I want no conflicts between each other's community. If you guys need help with development of any server or anything really... You can still contact me on steam and I'll stop by forums once in awhile. I hope this community keeps growing and I hope you guys will keep welcoming them with such a warm welcome like always. I will still keep in-touch here and there, so no worries if you actually care about me leaving. Most importantly, I wanna say thank you to the following people (If your name is not on the list please don't be offended... I may have forgotten or I just don't talk to you as much as these guys): X-NOOB The Asian Spades Headline BesTeD Stolas Big Nerd Psycho White_Ninja Shiirn LenHard Based Link Jabroney Tizona Orihs Mr. Logic Rui Gomes FunBags Starrrrrrr K Then Shadowed Song Rin QueenObama Datura vanG And anybody else that I may have forgotten. Paulo Out... *DROPS THE MIC*

    Should post it on reddit! EZ GLOBAL #doorswillcarryu
  11. Paulo's VODS

    VODs during my stream
  12. Paulo's Pics

    Random Pictures of me :)
  13. Mod for BHOP

    We are in need of moderators for BHOP right now... But that doesn't mean we won't evaluate your application like other applicants. First of all, don't ever ask people to "+1" your application... Let the people come and be patient. Second, I noticed that you didn't put any thought into your application considering how short it is... Please take your time and fill each section in with a well thought out answer. Treat it like a paperwork for a job interview (Meaning take it seriously... Please don't be trolling. We like to have fun in the community, but take your application maturely and answer it seriously). As for how you are as a person, I can't judge you because I do not play BHOP myself and so that is for the staff/regulars of BHOP to decide whether you're mature and professional enough to handle a position in the server. Suggestion: Make him re-do the application or give him a trial for a week or two.
  14. LuffycN

    Nice to see you again Luffy... Hope to see you play more in the server and reminisce about our old times in our jailbreak server.

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