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  1. ~Temp SM Announcement~

    Like a "wise" man would say Don't die - Baws
  2. Community poll on editing your own post/thread

    Alright poll is closed!! I thought about it and having unlimited amount of time for editing is too much. A member could say something about a situation and change it later to erase the proof. With that in mind I'll change it to 2 hours for now as a test. That is PLENTY of time to edit your own post. Thank you for participating!
  3. Steam Gift card giveaway!

    For people saying that this is rigged. If I remember, you never asked for proof or live footage of the raffle to show it wasn't rigged for the other giveaways done by other members. Just enjoy that you got a giveaway and there is some members generous enough to do them.
  4. Harmonic7's Retirement/Leaving letter

    To be fair, the way you said it didn't make him think that you were talking about old AG time. So I can totally understand why Slendy is feeling like you said that about the changes he made to the server.
  5. Lately, a few members complained about the editing your own post or thread not been unlimited. Right now it is set for 30 minutes after that time you will need to make a new post. So I come to you, members of CG, to voice your opinion on this and I will make the change Friday afternoon.
  6. [GMOD TTT][MOD][Apollo]

    I would say -1 for the amount of effort he put on this app, but I'm staying neutral
  7. Steam Gift card giveaway!

    Forum Name: BushiNinja Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978598742/ Thank you for the giveaway!
  8. Forum Moderator Application [Rin]

    Like Flipp3d said, you aren't active enough on forum or did anything to prove you have what it takes to be a part of the staff team. I checked your history and This year you went MIA from March to end of July only to return to get unban on one of the servers. Not even a month passed since you returned and you already want staff everywhere. Personally, I know next to nothing about you, but what I have seen of you during that time is very little interaction with people on the forum or trying to help. Too add to Flipp3d, trying to have power everywhere just because you want to help is not necessary. There is lots of ways you can help without any power. For now I'll -1 this application. Focus on populating USP Ninja for now.
  9. chat box/Other

    Chatbox is still there. You can message Philip or Asian about it so they can fix it. I don't see a need to make a whole thread just for that. Also Speaker should have access to remove rank from his own staff on forum or he can message one of the forum staff.
  10. banned from gmod ttt

    I gave you the link to the correct format so please use it when you are appealing a ban on the forum. You can find it thanks to Spades. Locked.
  11. unban request your server is awsome gmod ttt

    Not Using the format. You can find it via this LINK Locked.
  12. #Bringbackknifearena2k17

    If the knife server is a thing, I wasn't expecting the skin to be implemented. Sorry if it seemed like it. I would support the idea of a knife server for CS:GO or CS 1.6 even tough 1.6 is practically dead now.
  13. #Bringbackknifearena2k17

    I used to play a lot of knife arena in CS 1.6 with the 35hp maps. Used to have lots of fun. The server I was in had knife 20 or so knife skin that you could change and a mini game called "roll the dice" that give a random bonus or death. It was fun and always have someone in it. Even now in CS 1.6 there is a few server still populated for this game mode
  14. Please follow the below format. Failure to do so may lead to invalid requests or immediate declination. Server Title - [Server][Unban Request][Name of Defendant] In Game Name: Steam ID: Admin That Banned You: Ban Length: Reason For Your Ban: Why You Wish To Be Unbanned: Any Further Comments: In Game Name: Steam ID: Admin That Banned You: Ban Length: Reason For Your Ban: Why You Wish To Be Unbanned: Any Further Comments: Forum Title - [Forum][Unban Request][Name of Defendant] Forum Name: Admin That Banned You: Ban Length: Reason For Your Ban: Why You Wish To Be Unbanned: Any Further Comments: Forum Name: Admin That Banned You: Ban Length: Reason For Your Ban: Why You Wish To Be Unbanned: Any Further Comments:
  15. Unmute request | Moon | TTT

    Incorrect format. Please use a format to request an unmute. You can use the format found in this LINK or use it like so. Locked

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