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  1. CS:GO TTT Staff Meeting!

    Tbh, I don't remember, but all staff meetings are a disaster. Especially with Kimi being a SM. jk <3
  2. CS:GO TTT Staff Meeting!

    see ya there
  3. CSGO TTT Map Suggestions

    Yeah we have it, just changed the map to it. It would be nice to have a map list though.
  4. CSGO TTT Map Suggestions

    I think we already have hoodrat, not sure about the others.

    I think he would be good moderator. Just needs to work on understanding the rules a bit more as well as the game mode.
  6. GMOD TTT Point Claims

    Steam name: Mr. FunBags Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55458305 gracias...
  7. Inactive Teamspeak Channels

    Mr. FunBags House Of Monopoly
  8. [TTT][Unban Request][Rick]

    i think you deserve to be unbanned i think
  9. [Community][UnBlacklist][Hentai]

    ayy my boi hentai, +1 giveaniggaapromo
  10. [Intro] LenHard`

    I love you, I present to you a parting gift. A bomb clock for all the great times we have had. @LenHard
  11. Happy Birthday FunBags

    Oh, um I'm a bit late but thanks everyone. gang gang
  12. Poetry time with Daddy

    *Plot twist* Stolas is actually a virgin
  13. The New Shoutbox

    Nothing much, what's poppin with you baby girl?
  14. Shiirn is coming back?!

  15. The New Shoutbox

    Hey babes

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