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  1. Something UBER Fun♥

    I guess id play ToS, probably not league though because it just wouldnt be fun Other than that, movie nights suck because if you get 5 or more retards in a room theres a good to fair chance one of use gonna have to yell at someone to shut the fuck up so i can actually watch the movie. Other than that there really isnt much to do. Except maybe play the best game on the internet, Fortnite.
  2. lemme talk in the shoutbox

    Alright this has gotten a little out of hand, gonna lock until someone with the proper authority comes along to either approve or deny your request. Thank you.
  3. TS staff is small brain

    Everyone that is upset just wants more power, all truly small brains just want more power. tfw im getting downvoted for an inside joke with friends :(
  4. CG

    Turning it into a Destiny 2 community
  5. Headline's Resignation

    youll be back. They always come back. See you tomorrow Krispy
  6. Destiny 2 Clan

    ah one more thing, are you getting the game on pc or are you wanting to join on xbox, because I am only getting an option to invite on xbox.
  7. Destiny 2 Clan

    For anyone that doesnt know, to join a destiny2 clan you need to make a bungie.net account, then go into your profile settings you will see unique ID, I need the unique ID number to invite you. @Mitch So if you just gave me your blizzard tag I dont need that.
  8. Destiny 2 Clan

    Join our clan we are grinders you get free clan rewards when we complete raids and anything you do will in turn help everyone else out :)
  9. PUBG Custom Game Poll

    Only if we do races sometimes.
  10. I'm fucking drunk .

    if you dont drink your alcohol straight up idk if I can continue to be in love with you.
  11. The Community Council

    I'm saying you are downvoting because you think we should be making app threads for a position that has no application process, I'm merely arguing that fact, if you disagree with the idea of me being on a council thats fine but youve made it clear that's not your intention.
  12. The Community Council

    "But i did tell you to stop with toxicity didnt i." "By you i meant all of you lul" I mean ok, you are sending some real mixed messages, between downvoting my legit posts to abusing and editing fish's post to constantly contradicting yourself Im not sure where your head is. I think its time for bed for you man Im concerned for your mental state right now.
  13. The Community Council

    Or you can stop acting like forum staff and let things be, I'm not being toxic and there isnt an application for that position, so please relax yourself, Im here trying to clean up the forums with kindness and all you are spreading is negativity, not a good showing from one of our staff members as high up as you are, definitely a
  14. The Community Council

    To be fair, this isnt a position that is able to be applied to, I was inputting my opinion on who I think should be on it as well as expressing my interest in having a spot as well. There is no reason to have posts applying for the position, especially considering its on a nomination basis from within lol
  15. The Community Council

    I applied in a respectful manner and you downvoted me, just trying to kill the toxicity with respect.

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