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  1. Daddy's possible donation

    I thought Custom Skins were disabled due to bone structure issues @Headline. [img width=500]https://gyazo.com/b96a5c7ce7a0a6c84e69eb73d6f7493a.png
  2. Need at least 1 admin on at all times.

    Maybe Headline can make a !report command Command sm_report (A way for admins offline to know about rule violators). Select a rule or type a custom reason being broken by the offender. Records both the players SteamID and name used. Admins when entering the server will be popped with a menu to either accept reported tickets or decline. If accepted they will be prompted to the admin menu and view the offenders and reasons. If they are deemed guilty then they can ban the Steam ID using discretion.
  3. Re: Beginner Bhop Suggestions

    Can I manage the server???
  4. New server idea!

    Hey Esbelto would you run it :3
  5. Selling Steam Account!

    You have no life!
  6. Have you ever...

    Have you ever touched yourself and wished you were the opposite gender?
  7. The Asian and the girls he hits in in CG - Hannah Hiru, Selin, and much more!
  8. Roleplay

  9. The Ultimate Profile

    Why wouldn't The Asian add this? He had the best profile on another forums!
  10. Introduction of Sapphire

    I like you! Please notice me sempai!
  11. CG | Hunger Games Suggestion Thread

    Yus, purchase drugs too!

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