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  1. I'm fucking drunk .

    Straight tequila; any brand. and to get completely fuck up prob a lil more than a bottle.
  2. The Community Council

    First off why are you acting like this? You are acting like a child, I believe you are like 19 and acting like that. You are supposed to be apart of the council . You know that they are trolls and just going to continue to talk and mess with you so just ignore it and say "I'm sorry you guys disagree with the choice the owner made but I will try my best for the community to help it out" or something similar to that. Not just saying "fuck you guys" and talking shit to everyone who's left in the community also trying to help it out.
  3. Kawaii I love you.

  4. [UnBlacklistRequest][SnoopDoge]

    Its his friend why tf isnt he aloud to say that. If I got blacklisted from here I would tell all my friends to come join me on a different server/teamspeak or community so I can play with them and if it was vice-versa i would leave to join them also.
  5. [CSGO TTT][MOD][SinisterSultan]

    You may have great experience but you are still very new to our server. I say you should try to get your hours up more and show youre active and then reapply and then you would be more than qualified.
  6. #BBJB2K17 #BringBackJailBreak2k17

    when u where sm for Jb You did an amazing job at it and made the server beautiful. Just i think you experimented on it a lil too much and just turned out to crash always.
  7. #BBJB2K17 #BringBackJailBreak2k17

    I believe you can do it. You actually know how to run a jb server and know what to add to the server please bring it back
  8. Headline's TODO

    Is there a way to default set !menu to like "c" like how gmod is. is it possible to have a donor like the gold ak or equalizer for csgo (it doesnt have to be those just donor weapons ideas) or even something like !hats change some prices of stuff in the shop (lower most of them down) make it where we only start off with 1000 credits every round and only way to gain credits if you kill others add weapons/kevlar to t shops and detective shops We are missing a lot of T weapons (1 shot knife, death station, ect)
  9. Headline's TODO

    press u (team chat button)
  10. CSGO TTT Map Suggestions

    we really need these
  11. Wrong Form, My Bad

    So this is meant for Csgo TTT not For the Forums
  12. Inactive Teamspeak Channels

    Last time I checked I believe we have enough money to keep the servers up for 6 more months without anymore donations (i cant see our balance anymore for some reason). Right now with our box that we purchased we have an extra 2 slots that arent currently not being used and im pretty sure we can put out servers to fill those up.
  13. Inactive Teamspeak Channels

    once again it isnt our ts fault like i said a sentence after that. its that we need to put out servers that our community wants and needs so people can donate for perks in-game.
  14. Inactive Teamspeak Channels

    Channels arent the problem you realized the lack of members are. People bought them and they leave because our community isnt giving them anything to play and took down the servers on which they played.
  15. Inactive Teamspeak Channels

    I actually talk to people and I hear comments others make that dont want to post on the forums we arent the only ones that dont like it we just make the posts and help speak for others. I worded it wrong and meant only ts3 staff are going to be on (which is already kinda dying) because of the lack of servers being put out that was promised. no i didnt pay for one because the owners gave me one since I was one of the members since the first day it became a community and still been here since then. Sorry I have stuff to do in my life where I have to mute and go hang out with some friends once in awhile and go to the gym sorry its a crime in the ts community moderator sir. Also we may mute because we are in team chat in a game and sometimes its annoying to hear it talk twice in chat. we also use it to see if we are online. We are actually pretty good on money we dont need that right now and ts isnt that expensive to run it. If we are slacking on income it isnt ts fault its us not doing anything about servers which people donate for. we shouldnt have to go that low where we have to do monthly fee i already have to many of those.

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