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  1. Yolo's Dumb Intro

    So, my father is gone for a while :/
  2. Yolo's Dumb Intro

    I'm better than Farid. I can keep it up. It's just that I need active staff to help me keep it populated and such.
  3. Yolo's Dumb Intro

    Shall I?
  4. Follow me senpi

  5. White Player Modelsssssss

    just white play models? fucking racist people.
  6. $20 Steam Code Giveaway

  7. Let's Count to 20!

    20 big boi
  8. Title - [Jailbreak][Ban Request][Name of Defendant] In Game Name : Yolo Steam ID : I dont want to feel like I just had sex Defendant's In Game Name : [Fgt] Dyrus @Dyrus Defendant's Steam ID : adkjwdalhwdlkajwdlj:awdjkhawjd Reason For Ban : He dared me Requested Amount of Time for Ban : 99999999999999999999999999999999d Any Witnesses (Tag Using @members) : @Yolo Further Proof (Screenshots / Demos / etc.) : sasdawddddddddddddddddadwawdawd dicks out for yolo!
  9. do /warp end move to the left if I was correct. And then do /f map Your base wasn't far. That glitch is known and it allowed in tons of factions servers. We have no control to remove that glitch. I would recommend you double layer your walls. No, I didn't set any I have proof also. Factions is all about raiding and finding ways into your base. If you can't protect your base correctly then It's going to get raided.
  10. "Deranking"

    Resolved. please lock. @Philip @Spades @The Asian
  11. "Deranking"

    You will not loose your items. I'll re-add your rank. It does that because I can't put the rank on any other way. Sorry for this.

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