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  1. CSGO TTT Damage Reduction

    If not for damage reduction, at least give a helmet so that good players will still be able to kill swiftly but there is some amount of counter play. I understand that this would be a pretty big change and it would disrupt much of how the game is played but I feel like this would increase the skill ceiling by just a little bit.
  2. CSGO TTT Damage Reduction

    Please put a damage reduction on TTT. It should not be possible for a T to one shot you unless it's with a scout/awp or deagle at near point blank. In a 1v1 situation with a T, the T should obviously have an advantage but there should be some form on counter play for the opponent, especially if it's a detective. anywhere from 25%-75% damage reduction would be great just don't make it so a large amount of weapons can one shot you. Oh and as for body shots, there should be enough time to react but it should kill fast enough that a good player will win the fight 99% of the time. I don't know the specifics of the server (hell I don't even know if there's kevlar or not) so adjust however you feel is appropriate. Time to go dormant for another year. See you in 2018
  3. [Jailbreak][Staff Application][the bottom fragger]

    ye same
  4. Goodbye Stolas

    Rest in pussy nerd.
  5. Best Anime Gifs

    Dave you fucking weeb.
  6. hi

    sup nerd
  7. Ninja's Resignation

    Thanks for all your hard work. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  8. [BesTeD][Resignation]

    cya nerd
  9. JailBreak Mod Magma

    Use. Formatting. Please.
  10. Resigning

    I'm go to slightly tiny bit just un peu necro here. I know how you feel X-Noob. I know I told you I wasn't active for a while because of life being busy, and that was true, and the fact that I needed to focus on schoolwork for a bit. But at times, I also felt like I needed to go on just to keep my position which made it really stressful and I could get a bit salty because of it. Anyways, thanks for all your hard work, you did a fine job as SM. Good luck in your future!
  11. Apollo and a Squeaker

    I want to believe you but you need evidence.
  12. Who has had an impact in your life?

    Myself cuz without me I wouldn't be alive. @Stolas for being a fucking nerd and making me feel good about my aim @Spades cuz he's always fun to talk to @The Asian because he's a bigger nerd than me and I'll admit he's better than me at 1.6 @LenHard and @Headline for coding Jailbreak
  13. Have to say it, but here it is.

    I'll miss you cyka. Good luck with your job!
  14. Not sure if this is a joke or you're being serious. If not, then, 4Head same. If you're serious, please don't. You're taking way too far. It's just a game of Jailbreak. Plus, it's your first day of calling. Of course it's going to be hard. It was hard for everyone. Spend time on T side and focus on learning through there. You're going to get better. When I first started, I play on T exclusively for around 3 weeks, and I was still really fuckin bad when I went on CT. I stuck with it though and learned.
  15. Lenhard Abuse complaint pls help sos this is bullshit

    SPAGHETTI CODE STRIKES AGAIN BOYS. Syntax weak, lines are heavy Error while compiling already, Code's spaghetti It's broken but on the surface it looks done and ready To drop bombs but it keeps on resetting Dropping all the pointers down, the whole goto goes so loud It's crashing, how? Everything's segfaulting now! The memory runs out, freeze up, over. Blow! Ty Reddit.

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