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  1. Headline's Resignation

    Didn't talk to you much or hardly at all, but I remember that I was pretty jealous of your voice and musical talent for a while. Seeing as how I was never really involved with CG I can't even begin to know what you did for the community, but I do know that it was a lot. Good luck buddy, you deserve an amazing life, make it for yourself and let nobody else take credit for it.
  2. Staff Appreciation Day

  3. [GMOD][TTT][Moderator][RavenPotato5]

    You definitely did it, I was there to see and hear all of it unless I'm both blind and deaf. There is also the fact that you were still horrible as staff. I'm casting my opinion, which is what an application is for. If you're getting upset and rage posting over an opinion that makes you look bad, what does that say about you? Shows me you haven't changed, but it's up to the higher ups not me. Good luck either way.
  4. [GMOD][TTT][Moderator][RavenPotato5]

    Given it that big ole -1 He flirted with my girlfriend countless times whilst having a girlfriend himself, was staff on our side and, to say the least did nothing with his position. Bothered me daily with no reasoning, and was all around one of my least favorite people. I would rather have my 65 year old hamster be staff.
  5. [TTT][Moderator][mistr_mastr]

    They're fixed, you can come to the original server if you want to see. Not like it's any different though.
  6. Another AG skrub

    Water plants? I bet you kiss girls too. Disgusting.
  7. VanG Abuse Thread

    Why is Cry tagged twice I don't understand that??.>>?>>>.?>
  8. Movie Night

    I feel like you are the worst person to host a movie night right next to Funbags.
  9. give me reputation

    This reminds me of a certain karma system from somewhere. God Bless.
  10. Help me with my personal issues :(

    Just do what they did in the old times. Tie your dicky to a rock and let the rock hang. It'll grow eventually.
  11. [TS3][PsychoManiac][Mod]

    -1 Feeds in my League game and steals my kills and calls innocence. Actually though. +1, has been around long enough, has Head Admin experience and knows what to do with power. Has self control, in other words. I trust her.
  12. Custom Profiles for About Me

    I could say something really mean about your forums right now, Asian, but I won't.

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