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  1. Philip's Bye Bye

    rip ty 4 pizza
  2. Headline's Resignation

    Just saw this, @Spades WHEN THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO CALI?! WE SHALL ALL GO TO DISNEYLAND! On a less large font. Thanks Weedliner, you the dankest around.
  3. Something UBER Fun♥

    Unless you are Vangie,which you spam the fuck outta events. CLEARLY BECAUSE RIN ISN'T VANGIE Vangie, unfortunately, is highly busy with college and work. She is also trying to plan her life ahead and moving next year. She may do a call for her California trip because Vangie is very irl now and I wanna get drunk and puke in the only place I've ever puked before at. Plus Anthony has like this thing that he wants A L L my attention. So yeah, me and bringing events is hard :) Plus I'm trying to level on steam on holiday sale time so I'm marketing on the side. yea yea, I owe @Flipp3d a hangout. And Kimi owes me a hangout. And I'm not much in the community either.
  4. Me Irl

    neat i was in band b4
  5. Is it that time again?

    *shrug* champagne, cocaine,gasoline and most thing in between. :3
  6. Is it that time again?

    yeeeeeeeeeet Imm just spam the nsfw in discord :D
  7. Is it that time again?

    So another year CG has survived, another event rises up. CG's first event ever was a porn event, last year we watched hentai with god's word sprinkled in. For this year if ya'll wanna I was thinking of hosting a sexy doodle event or posting your best NSFW image on discord. I dunno. Ya'll can post what ya'll want to do. :) P.S. I know I hardly snoop around but hai.
  8. Steam Gift card giveaway!

    Forum Name: vanG Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/vangiebro I have a goal to reach a high level. Plus Im 1k in debt so yeh :)
  9. Will miss you, STILL THE CHOSEN ONE

  10. Vangie in GOING Vangangsta

    ah shit, RESERVATION OH MY If I do,its a favor for the future You are what you have???
  11. Vangie in GOING Vangangsta

    Im going to new york/jersey from the 12 to the 20th of this month . I need help what cool things to do and eat. If yall wanna meet up better hmu bruhs.
  12. Not a face reveal

    bez succ eva
  13. New York Meet

    We are petty asf.
  14. New York Meet


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