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  1. Selincocks lemme smash

    me too
  2. Selincocks lemme smash

    Reported kys I hate you
  3. How long have you been a Member of Colosseum : Since the beginning How long you have been active on Teamspeak : Since the beginning What Colosseum-Gaming servers are you active on : Teamspeak like 24/7 , Occasionally jump on some of the CSGO servers Do you currently hold Staff on a server : Nope Recommendations : Headline said he would accept me Experience : SM for Hunger Games for like a year for CG, previously for AG Your TimeZone : EST Are you able to host and manage Teamspeak Events : Yeah Why you are applying for staff on Teamspeak : Super Active on TS, think we need more active admins
  4. Bugs/Suggestion

    Can it be every 3 rounds? lol xd.
  5. Bugs/Suggestion

    Bug: When you shoot someone on the enemy team sometimes the blood splatter effect happens on your own player model instead of the one you're shooting at. This caused a player to leave the server to find a better one. Suggestion: Someone on the server left yesterday saying that the team balancer was awful which I agree with. You have to wait 5 rounds in a row of losing to scramble the teams, most people tilt after 2-3 rounds of losing, and I dont think theres any harm in switching teams around frequently. Also, Someone else complained that the server had a preference for T-side but I think they might have just been salty.
  6. Ta-da

    make me one eventhough i dont need it :^)
  7. Flipp3d's resignation

    Thanks for all your work on the server ^~^
  8. Gift for all of you!

    27 :^)
  9. Skin Giveaway

    Black & White
  10. Resignation

    Hi everyone~ Do you remember me lol? I'm sure everyone noticed I'm super inactive on HG and CG in general. I blame college and Overwatch :c and I'm super sorry ;-; This is my official resignation from HG Server Manager ;-; I've been meaning to do this for a while, I was just super lazy sorryyy I'm not leaving the community so I wont have a long shoutout list, I just want to thank the entire HG staff for all their hard work, and the owners for trusting me with this position for so long. Since I've been inactive for so long, I'm not sure on which staff member should take my place but I recommend @HappyYiffer for SM and @fuchs for Head Admin. Although, change this as you please. <3 Thank you and Goodbye ^~^
  11. His palms are sweaty, 5-3, can't even carry
    The bomb's been planted already, team's unsteady
    They're tilted, but on the scoreboard they looked armed and ready to drop frags
    But they keep forgetting about drop down
    The whole map is lost not found
    They try to rotate but the T's won't let them come out
    They're throwing now, everyone's throwing now
    The clock's run out, time's up, over, blaow!

  12. Promotion 9.11.2016 With Nightmare (@Dark Athena)'s new promotion to Developer, I'd like to promote @HappyYiffer as the new Head Admin of our HG Server~! Congrats ^~^ Also with all the recent staff application's being accepted, All staff applications are now CLOSED
  13. New CS:GO Developer

    Ayy finally :^)

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