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  1. Community Versus ARAM Competition

    Im In :^)
  2. Kawaii I love you.

    See this is an acronym. S.M.A.E means Sure Man Anything Else? I've cracked the code bois,. I have the algorithms. So fan sign is on the way and anything else you may desire @Kina
  3. Kawaii I love you.

    Can my man Kina get a fansign too
  4. Kawaii I love you.

    Thought was troll but his burning suns made me lit
  5. Hunter x Hunter @-@

  6. My Mod Application Smurfsswag

  7. I heard you're dating some super awesome chick. You must be quite the catch man <3

  8. Inactive Teamspeak Channels

    The Water Temple
  9. Insane donation of 2122.17 pesos

    Thank you for donating!
  10. Donation 2

    Thank you for donating again!
  11. Donation

    Thank you for donating!
  12. Donation

    Thank you for donating!
  13. [Hunger Games][Demotion Request][Ay_Kay]

    You specifically said "Based Link if you continue to question my authority you will be muted"
  14. [Hunger Games][Demotion Request][Ay_Kay]

    Went on to explain to him what he has done wrong and decided to respond with "You will be muted if you keep questioning my authority." Basically he was kicking a guy exactly why as Bested explained above. Deserves to be demoted so +1

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