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  1. GMOD TTT General Suggestions

    Stop being backseat SM smh.
  2. What is with all the weeb models?

    That's because Weeb's rule the server. You got to find a non anime playermodel everyone wants and add it. 2-3 like that should work
  3. What's with the recent shitposts/server harassment?

    First off @Pvt Esbelto I legitimately made that as a discussion of rules because I didnt get it and I've play almost 2,000 hours of gmod TTT. It literally wasn't a troll post. Also yeah I don't play this server how back when it was AG TTT#2 (Because it's hella similar) I was High Admin under hannah. So I mean it's still a valid thing. Regardless my time in Gmod should let me ask why a rule is there that's uncommon to TTT. Now onto the rest. First off lets get a toxic comment out of the way. Learn how to use an apostrophe @Kawaii Satan . That's all I needed. I didn't actually know it was over a year he's been banned. For a first offense that's ridiculous to have if he's consistently been trying to get back into it. Also Kimi wasn't really mad because it was her friend per say. She's upset that some people got toxic and stuff went down on his unban and he got a longer wait time to reapply for an unban from a server than a blacklist wait time. If that's not ridiculous to you I guess you've never been blacklisted. It doesn't really matter what you based it off of the fact that someone active in the community waited a year and now gets a 3 month wait time. Lets change 3 months because I don't know if it sounds long enough. A quarter of a year wait time. Just because you want to preserve a safe haven for people. Could he be toxic again? Absolutely everyone is capable of it. Is it hard to handle it when it comes up? Fuck no it's not it's the easiest thing in the word to reban or gag a person. If you don't agree maybe my 'outside' ideas on how TTT works are incorrect.
  4. Gmod TTT Rules

    This topic got pretty edgy and enjoyable. @Han'na-Hiru
  5. Gmod TTT Rules

    I agree with Webster. Not many people use it as a slur and it makes no sense to have rules just to make a safe space. That's some faggot shit - Flipp3d
  6. Gmod TTT Rules

    #NotATrollPost #RealTalk #Ish Honestly I want to know what's going on with Gmod TTT over here. It seems like everything is a safe space and I'm just wondering why alot of things are disallowed. Like faggot. #Discussion
  7. [Gmod][TTT][Unban][Dyrus]

    Every TTT thing is so toxic here I love it. Anyways, Second chances should be allowed but it's up to Hannah. Nothing he said looked that bad except the time he tried to say nignog. The RDM is bad but seeing how it looks like he posted multiple unban it's been atleast 2 weeks. So unbanning him and seeing how it goes wouldn't hurt anything. Any staff worth their position can handle someone being rude if he decided to do it again. If he RDMs a few people intentionally without reason just slap the ban back on. It's honestly not that hard.
  8. [GMOD][TTT][ADMIN][Kawaii Satan]

    I was gonna +1 and walk away but then I read the post. I remember you and it seems alright for you to be admin however. You literally said that you asked her for proof in a message. But 40 minutes post. How does it possibly take almost an hour to notice a message. It's not that hard. It seems like you're incapable of researching matters yourself. You can't ask someone for proof if they asked for help 40 minutes ago. Then it's your fault. If someone messaged me (Back when I staffed) I asked them for proof of it within 5 minutes so they can get proof and a steam ID. Then I finish what I'm doing if it's important or I can't leave (ex: Comp game or AFK). I'll say -1 for now but I'll probably change it. (Not like it matters cause I don't play xd).
  9. New Server Manager!

    Gross. I know what server I'm staying off congrats
  10. Inactive Teamspeak Channels

    You guys are freaking out over basically nothing. A few channels being deleted? What's the big harm in that there are so many open channels. CG TS is a safe space of Moderated and Hidden channels. Having people meet more individuals by removing their channel is a great thing to do. I mean I met the people I played Diablo with by joining a random heist in GTA instead of playing CS with my friend. Still talk to them boys. Hiding in a personal channel is promoting social fallacy and shouldn't be allowed.
  11. Building a Computer

    I just have the SSD to speed things up I only really just the harddrive. I just have my startups running on the SSD
  12. Building a Computer

    Well I use a 2 TB hard drive and a 500 GB SSD. Works well enough you don't need 5 of them
  13. Building a Computer

    But why 5 of them
  14. Building a Computer

    https://pcpartpicker.com/user/thebladez190/saved/KnM7YJ#incompatibilities That's my PC. Runs CS:GO at around 300 frames for about half your budget. Get a 1070 and a better CPU. Probably don't need more ram but 32 gigs wouldn't really hurt much. Also Webster is right. SSDs make everything better. Looking at Websters stuff that's a decent list however like I said 32 gigs isn't really needed. also after about 200 frame rate doesn't do much in CS
  15. [Kawaii Satan] [TTT] [Mod Application]

    Sieg Heil the Schutzstaffel. I remember you back when Hannah didn't ignore me :( and you were a decent mod. Activity looks good so +1

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