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  1. Philip's Bye Bye

    hey yo quick follow-up just entered White faze bitches
  2. Philip's Bye Bye

    nah fam still alive I go to my bc batallion on Friday. currently in receiving which is boring af.
  3. Philip's Bye Bye

    I could donate for it.
  4. Philip's Bye Bye

    I'm not much for writing long posts about this, so here ya go. Imma going Bye Bye for a while. I got Basic Training for the army and I am leaving Sunday. I won't be back (depending if I get a computer during AIT) til May. Thanks for everything guys. This will also serve as my resignation. I'll still be on the discord (After BT/AIT) to play some PUBG and whatever popular game is out then. @The Asian I'll make sure to send you some letters for you to post (If you wish). I guess some s/o @The Asian - Best Boi (If I come over there I'll hit you up) @TheRealPayne - Bestie (#DerEisendrache) @Spades - Gut me like a fish u wot @Headline - Show us your lego builds lmao @Scrinn - Can I Vape Lounge too @BootyRay - Git recked in Pubg m9 @Orell - you too b @Pvt Esbelto - faq you @Bot - who are you again?
  5. Let's Count to 20!

    We were so close Asian why did you have to fuck it up
  6. Let's Count to 20!

  7. Let's Count to 20!

  8. PUBG Thread!

    Do you like to play with some buds? Or are you a bit more of a solo player? I prefer duos FPP. Third person is okay but fuck those stair campers mang. Highest kill count & Chicken dinner? When Tommy was crate only: Today: First chicken dinner? What are you hoping gets added into the game as its *intended* release is sometime this year? Vaulting Favorite loadout? (Assuming you get a PERFECT game with your preferred guns) SKS/MK14 with a M416/Scar I'm just a little bit curious about what everyone else has been doing in PUBG. Non-stop FPP bc fuck third person. Lots of bike training to do flips and I still die by the smallest dip in the road. I'm hopin to see some screenshots too. Here ya go mang. Here's my low res playdoh knee Ash from Rainbow 6 Seige and here non-existent head hitbox Me suicide diving out the car window. Dark time before dark time was a thing And last but not least a selfie
  9. PUBG Thread!

    or you can invest and get a female jacket worth 30$ from a free crate ecks dee
  10. Headline's Resignation

    oh i remember when i demoted him for inactivity and he wouldnt even tlak to headline or i for like 2 weeks
  11. Headline's Resignation

    da fcuk did I demote you?
  12. Let's Count to 20!

  13. Let's Count to 20!

  14. Let's Count to 20!

  15. let me talk in the shoutbox

    I used polymorph 3 times on my own 10/10 minions and nothing happened

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