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  1. CG Body Count

  2. have you ever heard of this game??

    Free game that has a gamemode 10000x better called MTA ONLINE AKA SAN ANDREAS ONLINE and LOOKUP RP/MMORPG servers same exact situation and its awesome you do "real life" like jobs Trucking,medic,cops,gang,civilian ETC
  3. Headline's Resignation

    you have done great work with the community by coding, making people come together headline you are a great person when it comes down to being a people's person you are a very fun person to be around and talk to i hope you do great in life and take care brotha. sad to see you resign but real life is more important. thank you for all your great work but you still need to teach the noob lenhard to make his spaghetti codes actually stick together without breaking apart.
  4. Free ESEA Codes

    Stole the first code! trying this out tomorrow
  5. Battle of the Communities IV

    i think my main is banned on EG servers GG LOL
  6. I'm fucking drunk .

    Most of the times just dutch bros mixed with Ciroc or Arak <- arabs favorite hard liquor
  7. resigning and hiatus

  8. Whats up clubbies

    whats poppin in da clubb
  9. [CSGO JB][Admin][Cryptic^]

    i deleted his previous post to give him a chance to fix his application since he couldn't edit it.
  10. Up for some help.

    Check your multi core rendering in CSGO settings If disabled then enable it and restart your game if its worse then disable it again.
  11. You got some Lakers colors going on with your application format.

    1. BesTeD


      hahaha thats what i told len about the colors

      lakers baby

    2. The Asian

      The Asian

      What're you a Big Baller?

  12. Title: [CSGO JB][Admin][Name] In Game Name : Steam ID : Hours In Server : Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : Do You Know Basic Admin Commands for CSGO (sm_admin) : Do You Have A Mic : Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken on Jailbreak : Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : Any More Comments (A Lot Of Players Apply So Stand Out) :
  13. CS:GO Jailbreak is Back in Business

    Well you read the title, the cancer free killing, rule breaking days are back! I want to specially thank @LenHard for remaking this master piece of a game mode and this time his spaghetti codes can actually hold together without falling apart. LenHard and i spent countless hours bug testing and fixing lots of things and i'm happy to say that we are very happy with the out come with all that work i hope you all will enjoy the server. Well what can i say more other than... all Ts please join the jailbreak server or you will be killed, no warning shots will be given. 5..4..3..2..
  14. Back To school giveaway

    Forum name : Bested Steam URL : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Best2fast4u/
  15. Steam Gift card giveaway!

    Rigged. no real evidence of how you chose the people.

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