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  1. Resignation and Goodbye

    LOL meet me irl and ill show you
  2. Resignation and Goodbye

    CG is kill Better get an invite boy Anyways i was on here reading thru forums to possibly shit post but i saw this post. I wanted to give you a thank you for all youve done for this place. You were definitely (and still have been) one of the positive, solid pillars of this community. I know we have had our issues but i always respected you as my equal and will continue to do so. Good luck in your future endeavors.



  4. #BringBackJB Questions

    You realize that by the time the server was handed to me it was already dying. With very little help and my computer dying it just forced the inevitable sooner, there are several communities who hosted said game mode who also went dead and had a much more consistent population than CG. So please, dont waste your time and remake this server, its literally a dying game mode within CSGO, if you manage to prove me wrong @The Asian i will buy you KBBQ. I will now go back to my arma hole and commit acts of virtual jihad Allahu akbar, inshallah
  5. fucking

    fight me

  6. Community Meeting 3/31

    but youre cuter bitch
  7. Community Meeting 3/31

    I mean, hes not wrong
  8. Cash me ousside how bow dah

  9. #BBJB2K17 #BringBackJailBreak2k17

    Nah, being the last guy who ran the server, youre going to have a tough time. Jailbreak is such a niche game mode now. Even servers in communities that are super popular are dead af rn. And before any of you fucks start shit talking me, just remember, we didnt really have a dedicated dev to help with the server at the time it was taken down, when my macbook charger died it was gg at that point.
  10. Congrats to Scrinn on Forum Admin!

    Congrats, now make me an arma server so i can come back
  11. Forum Update 4.1.18

    Damn why dont you just use ur actual profile on forums instead of hiding behind bot smh
  12. Just logged in to say this is looks pretty well made. Good job (yes im not actually shit talking you guys for once like i always do.)
  13. Inactive Teamspeak Channels

    Stolas's channel
  14. [Hunger Games][Demotion Request][Red John] 

    Look man, these niggas of CG wont allow us real niggas to use nigga because they find it racist. Niggas these days man..... But for real tho warn-gag-mute-then ban but ofc dont gag/mute for a day that seems excessive especially if theyre a first time offender.
  15. New CSGO Server!

    Please see my sig, that is all. On a very serious note, @Headline was the original concept i gave for the server implemented in some way, i might make an appearance if you did it.

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