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  1. Headline's Resignation

    You bubbling my brother. Ill see you soon and that excuse of a man @The Asian. Going back to London tomorrow but ill come cali in a few months just for you two (Americas interesting not gonna lie). Lowkey you arent leaving cause CG is nothing without you or Asian and anyone can argue about that but we know what we wanted and how we started from the get go. Much love my spastic brothers x. -Spades.
  2. the work of an artist

    Good job! Looks good.
  3. We need this weapon

    Next he'll say unnerf the golden ak. (Which I'm down for <3)
  4. Goodbye | Moon

  5. banned from gmod ttt

    Silly reason. Use the correct format or its going to get declined, ill leave it below.
  6. I did a nice thing

    Perks given since I was on, thank you for the donation.
  7. He Turned 1 Today!

    Happy birthday ! Very cute.
  8. Unban request OgDankman420

    Never tell your password to anyone. 09 August 2017 Danky: i was going to ask if you can vouche for me on my un-ban appeal spades: No
  9. CS:GO TTT mod abuse

    Use the correct format:
  10. I'm back

    Good job. Now onto stage 2 of our plan.
  11. Update: New Haircut

    Fight me.
  12. You owe me a new keyboard if it breaks. I just spat my smoothie out, hahaha. That's funny.
  13. I hope you aren't toxic right now since you're an admin which is held to a high regard in the community and you should be a role model currently to the mods and regular members.
  14. @Mitch Good luck :)
  15. [Gmod][TTT][Mod][Hutch]

    Interesting player.

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