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  1. https://gyazo.com/5090c4bdd8dd8d06bb92d593a8545550 The lessons you gave me worked charms thanks <3

  2. Follow me senpi

  3. Hi code me csgo cheats pls





  4. Cash me ousside how bow dah

  5. MOTM

    This is very true. I had a talk with @The Asian today and we agreed that the Member of the Month module will be disabled until further notice. Bot
  6. Forum Update 4.1.18

    Good work on this update. I enjoy these changes made, and hope every member can also see the good in these adjustments. Keep it up. Bot
  7. Locked.







    1. Bot







    2. Han'na-Hiru






      Asian's GF


    Locked. Bot
  9. What has been a minor issue is now a flagged problem in the community. In recent weeks, there have been many complaints regarding boosted reputations and negative reputation trains. After talking with Spades and The Asian, we have come to a stalemate. It is up to the rest of the community how we approach this problem. We have added Rule #15 to the forum rules. It outlines the guidelines to Reputation and the punishments for misusing it. This was previously written in an August post, but was never formally added to the forum rules. Here's where you come in. As a community, we want to know whether you want reputation to be more appropriately monitored. If yes, I believe that the reputation should be reset, to give everyone a fair chance at regaining their reputation level and evening out the field for those who don't get karma, as well as monitor those who outreach their reputation privilege too far.
  10. [Unblacklist Request][mistr_mastr]

    Declined. You will be allowed to make one post to say your farewells as Spades has given you the chance. You will not be unblacklisted, we take bullying and giving viruses to people in our community very seriously. Appeal your blacklist 6 months from now on: Saturday, 25 February 2017 Bot.
  11. Declined. Apart from the lack of activity on the server you have not long ago took advantage of an "exploit" of the crate system on the server. You helping out the server behind the scenes does not warrant you getting a position right off the bat, you should first become active and get a better reputation on the server as your reputation is known to be that of a troll and before you was known to aggravate staff. You may reapply after a minimum of 2 weeks and during that time I hope to see more of an improvement with activity and the way you act In the server. Bot.
  12. Bot hates me now :(

  13. Notice me senpai

  14. [Jailbreak][Datura][Admin]

    Declined. You should not have been accepted with an application like this. You should not have received admin from this application when you have left on two occasions already. User has been revoked of their powers in the server. If you want to become staff make a real application. You are on the community website and you should be behaving accordingly. Bot.

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