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  1. Expressing Graditute

    Where's my Hunger Games at C:
  2. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    It's just the order in which they will be drawn.
  3. Your legacy ended when I joined AG lul
  4. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    Changed it
  5. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    That's $150 worth in giveaways lmao
  6. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    Thanks to the recent efforts of @Jim Raynor, we're seeing TTT take off once more! While our CS:GO side has room to improve, there are some sparks in activity throughout the day and is looking to rebound with the PUBG hype dying down. So, with the holiday season already here, I'd like to host my own giveaway for the community. From now until December 31st, every dollar you donate will equal a ticket towards our end-of-the-year raffle. Tickets will be awarded in the order the donation's are received. Example - @Scrinn donates $10, he will go in as tickets 1-10. Here's how the winners will be determined on Christmas this year. ---- Total Number of Tickets x (Random Decimal Value between 0 and 1) = Winning Ticket Number Example - 305 x .0532323 = 16.23585 ≈ 16 (Winning Ticket) --- First Prize: $20 Steam Wallet Code Second Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Code Third Prize: 6 Month Premium ESEA Subscription Raffle can only happen if we hit at least $100 of our donation goal. If anyone else would like to include a prize themselves into the raffle, PM me on forums. This winter, I hope we can get our servers going again and prove everyone wrong that we CAN come back, and we'll come back stronger than ever!
  7. Foxtrot's Staff app

    Server's back to being popular, it's averaging 8~ players (enough to play a good game of TTT) the past week.
  8. Congratulations man! I've seen the immense amount of changes you put into the server already, and can't wait to see the finished product. I'll try to hop on everyday to help with population (course I have absolutely no clue how to administrate a GMOD server so don't ask me to look at logs xd).
  9. Forum Moderator [Rin]

    That's what I'm starting to think. If we're going to build ourselves back up, giving people a chance to show their worth is the first step in the right direction. Accepted.
  10. Donated for the First time!

    What servers are you playing? Right now Jailbreak and USP Ninjas arent automated so I have to add the perks automatically
  11. Submit jokes!

    Half a porn video?
  12. CG Body Count

    -body +bodyy
  13. [Blacklist Request][Rin]

    Blacklist request denied.
  14. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    You got to also remember the competitive side. There's nothing wrong with your statement as the fact is CS:GO is only good if you're into ESEA, Faceit or CEVO. What I think we should do is work more towards PUBG, towards Destiny.
  15. Let's Rebuild CG, Together

    I know for a fact CS:GO is still alive, but only on the competitive side where I play. What can we expand into (that isn't PUBG because that's not entirely possible at the moment) that will revive the community?

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