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    I resign from all my positions and I am taking my leave from the community as a whole (I may still pop in here and there but very little). I have pulled back a lot in the recent weeks and I generally do not find the community enjoyable anymore. It's been building for a long time. I have had staff in the community for over a year across multiple servers and things. I love a lot of people in this community and it has been a decision I have been struggling with over the last month or so. I have spoken to several people about it in the last few days and it is just my time honestly. After having power and responsibility in this community for so long the community to me as a whole has honestly just lost its luster. I have seen many people join and many people leave lots of people get banned and wishing some had been banned. I have made so many friends and met so many interesting people. I ran a great server and I hope that it continues to do well. I'm sure that @Flipp3d will do wonderful with it as he already has been doing as my Head Admin. I honestly couldn't have chosen a better one (it was better the second time around) I know I have made many mistakes in the past while I was here and I really do love this community but it is time for me to take my leave. I will keep all the friends I made on my friends list on steam if I removed you, don't add me back I removed you because I fucking hate you and don't want anything to do with you. @BasedLink is awesome and I love him! @vanG my beautiful wifey! I love you so much can't wait for matching tattoos sorry I never surpassed your posts :P @Spades I miss you come back already you dick. @Headline thanks for all the fun times and the chance to manage a server! @The Asian Thanks for letting me to get everyone to RDM you on the server. @Philip can you just admit that you bought that body pillow and stop lying to us? @Pvt Esbelto Bandito will fucking find you and he will punch you in the dick for me. Whether he wants to or not! Also buy me diamonds like shit! @Smushies Love you sorry I haven't kept in touch recently but I love you! @A Fucking Snake I mean we never talk but I love you too. @Han'na-Hiru and @Scrinn we're gonna party together soon! and scrinn you can bring your baby I won't lose him I swear! @TheRealPayne I'm resigned and I'm still more useful that you xD @Superkiller4933 You're a funny little shit I appreciate your messages last night please don't ever change. @Flipp3d Best guy I could have as staff I love the undercover shit we did so sneaky like! I will miss having you by my side! @Cyn you're my GBF no matter what @Flipp3d says because he's stupid. Just admit it. @Apollo I will forever RDM you and knife you when I get on the server. I no longer have responsibilities so I don't give a fuck :) @Sidartha continue to be useless staff so payne doesn't get lonely (good luck on all the work you're looking to do I'm sure you'll do great) @Kawaii Satan More people would visit forums if your shit drawings weren't there at the bottom of the page. Get your head out of your ass it's not a hat- Aubrey, Pitch Perfect (2012) To all my CS:GO TTT staff thank you for sticking with me through all my shit and inactivity. I hope you all the best in the future! CG has been one of the best things in my life when things were rough. But things started getting rough here. I lost my escape when I took on more responsibility. I lost a few friends. Some I will miss some I hope will get hit by a bus (you know who you are). CG was my family. I preferred it over my own family. I shared it with my nephew and he loved it. But my light has burned out. I have done everything I could do to help the community and sometimes I ended up hurting it instead. I know I'm a hot head but I was very passionate about this place too. I got in arguments a lot and fought so much over things. But I put that passion into trying to make the best things in CG that I could with the power and abilities that I had. I can't do anything more for my server or the community and it's best to give someone else a chance to do greater things than to sit with the power and watch it all start to fall apart. Good Luck to @Flipp3d who will be taking over for me. He will make CG proud no doubt in my mind at all.
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    Hello everyone. I would like to officially resign from Colosseum Gaming as an Owner. No, this is not a joke. I've spent tons of time working with this community and the people in it. However with my current schedule I am no longer able to commit the time I used to be able to and as you guys all know I am extremely inactive. In order to keep this community fresh with all it's changes I would like to ensure there's active individuals at all ranks, and my absence is not excusable. This community really is home to me, and I love every person who has been a part of it. Whether you're a player or a staff member I love the role you play in our community and I wish you all the best in the future (in life, and in gaming). As I have been doing, I will continue devoting my time to college and the SourceMod community. If you have any questions feel free to pm me. I am not leaving or disappearing off the face of the earth. I would mention people in my post and I'm sure many of you wish I would, but I would literally have to mention every user in this forum to thank them, and that's quite unrealistic so allow me to say: If you've ever talked to me, played with me, or helped me out I'd like to sincerely thank you. You're all wonderful people and I hope the best for everyone who was involved with CG, and those who will in the future. Also, to support CG past this donation period I will be donating to cover the rest of our payments until January 2018. Thank you for two awesome years everyone. - Headline
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    I've been staff for nearly 5 months now, and though it wasn't too long, I never thought I'd come this far. HA was the highest position I have had, and I'm very happy that I was trusted for the part. I'm so glad to have been a part of this server, and to have helped out with it in any way I could. I had a ton of fun playing and messing around with everyone and with all the other staff members. It was pretty much like having another family. But I knew at some point it would have to end. I know its like I'm just jumping on the resign train but resigning had been in my mind for a while now, even before I was HA. Making the choice to become HA was hard for me, because I knew I was getting tired of Gmod and that my time would be short. My activity has been at an all time low, I lost interest in playing, and I don't get on as much because other staff are on, I'm doing other things, or I'm just not home. I had originally planned to resign in the summer, but with everything changing and others leaving, I realized that my time had come a little bit quicker than I thought. With this resignation is pretty much my "leave" from the community. I'll be getting rid of the CG discords and possibly others that I'm in, but that's just a thought, I may not. I won't be on the servers much anymore. I'll just be focusing on myself from this point forward. I'll still probably lurk on the forums though lol. If you want to message me for whatever reason feel free to do so on steam or dm me on discord. I'll still be around, playing other stuff and talking with those I already do. I wish good luck to the server and CG as a whole. And here comes the part where I tag people and say something about them! There's so many people that I want to tag, and I apologize if I miss anyone (I know I'm gonna miss people). @Han'na-Hiru Thanks for being such a great SM and friend, you wouldn't believe how nervous I was when I first met you and Scrinn lmao, but now look at us, jokin around like idiots on discord, just how I like it! @Scrinn I had a ton of fun messin around and abusing with you. Thanks for makin me your HA and right hand man. And look! You finally got what you wanted! Too bad you weren't the one to demote me though c; @Pvt Esbelto Good luck with the server my dude! @Kawaii Satan Funny times just harassing each other in game, always gonna be the C4 queen! @A Sneaky Blueberry And you're always gonna be the AFK queen! Just kiddin love ya <3 @BootyRay You're the main reason I stuck to the server when did, lots of crazy fun shit happened between us, won't forget it @vanG We gonna hit 100 streak its gonna happen @Kimilinni Can't be worthless staff if I'm not staff anymore!! @Sidartha Keep being worthless for me, dad @Flipp3d B3st gr33n appl3 3v3r. Good luck on your s3rv3r as th3 n3w SM! @Superkiller4933 Best subordinate I could've ever asked for! @Reaper Get chronicles you fuck @The Asian @Philip We're gonna get the goddamn boss one of these days @curlz4444 I know you are completely gone from CG but I had to tag you because I won't forget those late nights playin with you and Neko @Juni My favorite (n-word) ever <3 @Frizzy Take me on the magic school bus, Ms Frizzle! @weaboo Keep being knar as hell bro @Wolf Thanks for protecting daddy <3 @brendans1818 Top tier babe @Apollo I finally killed you with a knife in CS:GO and you know it To all of you guys and all those other peeps on the server and anyone I missed I love y'all. Thanks for this fantastic experience you guys.
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    So I've been super flustered with my job after I made a girl cry and quit (oops) and a lot of other things. I am so swamped that I can't help the server as much as I'd like and with @Bladedlist56 being busy with his life and having lost someone recently it seems that it would only be in the servers best interest to promote one more person to Head Admin (Hydra Admin if you will.) Now there was no doubt in my head that @Flipp3d would be the one I promoted. The last few days I have been working second shift which I hate because it left the server without anyone higher than an admin during the most populated times of the day. I basically left Flipp3d in charge of the server and he has done fantastic with this responsibility. He actually messages me when I get home with a rundown of anything important that may have happened while I was gone. He is the absolute best choice for this position and I feel so much more at ease by promoting him. Let's all congratulate @Flipp3d on his promotion because he has done more than enough to earn it.
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    Since I just finished my last exam of this semester about 3 hours ago, I thought it is the time to write a post I should have written many weeks ago: I want to apologize that I neglected the server I was entrusted with. I can’t really apologize for not being more active, because the cause for this was beyond my control: Some of you know I was already very busy this semester in general, but since the beginning of June a lot more university stuff and real life duties hit me really hard, and I basically couldn’t spend time on gaming at all, especially not at the NA times in which HG is populated. But I have to apologize for not telling you guys what’s up, for just sitting on the Head Admin position idling and for not putting much effort into finding an alternate, appropriate solution for the management of HG. Back when I was a regular player/ lower staff, I never understood why some higher ups just sat on their staff positions without utilizing it in any way, instead of just resigning and giving the position to another, motivated member, who would be able to use it to improve the server. I never wanted to become one of these people, but I think I became one of them at one point. And I'm sorry about that. I’m also aware that the point in time I became inactive couldn’t have been worse. The server needed special attention, Headline had just entrusted me with full source code access and I promised many people I would use that to significantly improve the server. I’m sorry that I had to abandon the server in this time in particular, that I didn’t kept these promises and especially, that I didn’t use the trust the owners placed on me responsibly to improve the server. I want to apologize for all of that. But as said I just finished my last exam of this semester, so until the beginning of the next semester, and maybe even beyond, I will have much more time on my hands again. And I’ll use this time to play more regularly again on our servers for sure. I’m gonna send Headline all my documentation of the stuff I altered and developed during my time in charge in the next days, to hopefully simplify the task of maintaining HG in the future a little bit. And if he’s interested, I’m also gonna send him the stuff which I started, and partially already finished, developing, but didn’t put on the server because I hadn’t the chance to test them sufficiently. TLDR: I’m not dead; I’m not gone; I was just really really busy and I’m really really sorry I missed out to responsibly take care of HG; I hope that I’ll play and talk to some of you guys more frequently again in the next weeks; And of course ALL HAIL THE GOAT
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    I'm giving away a Factory New AK-47 Bloodsport [75$ on steam so gmod weebs should enter too] Only requirements are Neutral/Positive reputation, and a forums account older than this post. Comment to enter, winner chosen on the 6th through a RNG
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    I want to publicly apologize to Flipp3d for what has recently happened. I fucked up and banned his because I believed he had released personal info of another member of the community. I was informed that he had already made this public, without my knowlege, even from said person whoms information had been 'released'. I want to apologize since I clearly did not fact check or clarify that was the circumstance. I didn't show myself to be a person who knows what they are talking about and instead made myself look like a fool. I'm sorry. Furthermore, I will be taking absence from the community for an indefinite amount of time. I don't really have a reason currently. You might see me pop in like 1 every month for 2 seconds, but I won't be doing anything community related. Please contact the other higherups such as Bot, Asian, Headline, or the Server Managers that pertain to the issues you have. Again, I'm Sorry Flipp3d and those in the community whose opinion of me has changed. @Flipp3d
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    -Chows down on some buttery popcorn-
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    i hope you get severe depression
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    Sorry to the higher staff of HG for doing this over their head, but this is too unacceptable for staff to behave like this. You said you don't care if you get demoted, so I did the favor for you. Staff members should be proud of the server they administrate, and if not then work with the development team to come to solutions of the problems instead of throwing a temper tantrum on the forums. I understand that you have your frustrations about HG like everyone else, but even in the past week it's in a better spot now than it was. You cannot reapply for staff unless told otherwise
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    yeah hes busy with you in pound town. isnt that right @The Asian, up top bro.
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    With all that is happened i know for sure this needs to be said. I'm Sorry. And i do mean this, having all this stuff happen and having dirt brought back up has really shaken me and made me realize that maybe i have been disrespectful and rude with my recent remarks. No, forget maybe, i definitely was. and i realize this, my actions were inexcusable and i'm sorry. i was upset with the way the new primary owner was handling situations on the forums, and it festered and i lashed out when the final straw broke the camels back. and i can't apologize enough for the way i handled the situation and situations that spawned from my outburst on dyrus' post, but i will continue to try. So i'm sorry for putting the community and it's primary owner through my outburst and my poor handling of the situation afterwards. we both need to step back sometimes and breathe.
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    @RICK has been demoted from Moderator.
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    In Game Name : BootyRay Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:58892557 Hours In Server (gametracker) : 206.93 hours. Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : Kawaii, Sneaky, Harmonic, and Goku. Do You Know Basic Admin Commands for GMOD (ulx) : Yes. Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : I've been helping out current/new staff upon joining. I'm a go-to person for a few staff members when it comes to questionable matters. I don't "deserve" staff, but ya know, I'd like to help again. ^_^ What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken on TTT : RDM, Ghosting, and Staff Disrespect Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : Yes Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : Yes Any More Comments : >Inb4 >"Booty you're toxic AF" If you talked to anyone recent about my behavior they will deny this statement, as in I've fixed all my "toxicity" issues. >"Booty your activity is shit" Yes, I am currently moving so every week I have shit internet that doesn't even give me the ability to load videos in HD. This lasted for around two weeks. But I should be able to get on a lot more often.
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    The current rule with KOSes, in general, is that the person who gets the KOS called on them is not allowed to retaliate, false or not. Now, for T's, this doesn't effect them as much negatively as it does Innocents, as their objective is to kill all the Innocents anyway, but for Innocents, it's something else entirely. If a KOS is called on them, false or otherwise, they're generally not able to retaliate or else they'll be slain, unless it's against the person who called the KOS (which even then, i'm unsure). This can be abused by T's (can confirm, because i'm one to abuse this) by calling a false KOS and getting the Innocents to do your job for you, which could even cause this weird chain of RDM, and if the person the KOS was called on tries to kill the T who called it, they'll most likely just be slain for attempted/RDM of a Traitor. The rule needs to be looked at, at least for the time being, because for as long as the Karma is broken, this sort of thing will be an issue. @Kimilinni
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    Barely even know what to say in all honesty, I'm super excited to be able to do this and it's the highest staff position I've ever held. Thanks so much to kimi for trusting this to me and I'm gonna do my best for TTT. At this point considering I am and will most likely be for a while the only active HA I welcome all the staff to come to me with any issues of any size and I'll try my best to handle all that I can. Its like christmas today but better omg sorry this is so rambly I'm tired and very happy
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    I've never heard such a blatant lie
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    Hey fucking retard forum staff. You do realize the spam/forum games section is there for a reason right? I would make this post on phillips thread but he fucking removed it. Dont be fucking idiots. No rules were broken by this guy.
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    @Philip please lock this for attempting to interrupt the regime @Smushies scold @TheRealPayne for his signature.
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    Im just going to unleash @Flipp3d here xddd
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    I'm not much for writing long posts about this, so here ya go. Imma going Bye Bye for a while. I got Basic Training for the army and I am leaving Sunday. I won't be back (depending if I get a computer during AIT) til May. Thanks for everything guys. This will also serve as my resignation. I'll still be on the discord (After BT/AIT) to play some PUBG and whatever popular game is out then. @The Asian I'll make sure to send you some letters for you to post (If you wish). I guess some s/o @The Asian - Best Boi (If I come over there I'll hit you up) @TheRealPayne - Bestie (#DerEisendrache) @Spades - Gut me like a fish u wot @Headline - Show us your lego builds lmao @Scrinn - Can I Vape Lounge too @BootyRay - Git recked in Pubg m9 @Orell - you too b @Pvt Esbelto - faq you @Bot - who are you again?
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    Philip isnt even in this community anymore. didnt he go to some rainbow 6 community for like the past year.
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    It has been a while since I first glimpsed upon your beautiful smile, knowing you were the one for me. I dont think you like me but I assure you I am in love with you with the burning passion of one thousand suns. My friends talk about your drawings with negativity but I see nothing but perfection. I love you. @Kawaii Satan
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    The past couple months have been amazing for me, but all good things must come to an end. As my activity shows, I have lost a major interest in the server. My love for the game and server has been lost after a few months of hardcore playing. I will try and visit every once in a while. Another reason that I am leaving is that I do not like the direction the server is heading. As I leave I would like to provide some criticisms of the server and what I believe needs to be changed. -Stop focusing on adding new things. (Please fix the already broken things on the server.) -Nerfing weapons that were good, and making them useless (ie the spas) -These new "rules" are pretty silly. I don't understand why it should be a punishment if you convince the innos to kill others because you lied to them as a traitor. It is an actual strat that has its own risks and rewards. In conclusion, I hope the server goes well, but it needs improvement. P.S. Shoutout to @Cocoa @BootyRay @TheRealPayne @GokuEdward @Deductedhawk for being fuckin G's and just being some of the best friends I've met.
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    In Game Name : Apollo Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:123861616 Hours In Server (gametracker) : 12.85 Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : Do You Know Basic Admin Commands for GMOD (ulx) : Wtf does ulx mean lol Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : Cause im amazing What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken on TTT : RDM Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : no Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : yes Any More Comments : hi ;)
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    Recently, I've had people demoted to not doing reports, the ones during the time I was in Yakima was people not doing actual reports and just not staffing, I'm not gonna blur the lines, gonna be straight up, there was a moderator I had demoted based off one person complaining, this was my bad, I demoted someone based off one report and no evidence, this was completely my bad and me being completely lazy. As of now, if there is a staff member not doing what they're suppose to do you WILL report them on forums, no buts about it. I don't care how much spam you tell me, how much PM's you send me, how much you call me out, I demand you the people to actually do reports as thats the system put in place. I apologize for pulling something biased/corrupt, @Flipp3d thanks for making me look at this case again. @Microsoft Excel/Word has recieved moderator again. Anyone caught naming the reporter will be punished, this is not a witch hunt and I'm not gonna make this thread one either, this is a notice about future demotes. Please provide thorough evidence as well, thank you. Other then that, I have nothing to do right now, time to patch stuff up now. Hold what'chu got, time to do this.
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    Oh HEY another admin report without the good ol' format!!! You are a server MODERATOR so you should know that not using a format will result in a deny of the report. Is it me or the IQ levels of the community is decreasing since no one is enforcing the rules on forum!! USE THE FREAKING FORMAT
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    Application denied. 1. I have no idea who you are, you don't acquaint yourself on the forums or with anyone on the server. 2. You don't get acquainted with anyone in the community it seems, you have only two people from the community on your friends list and you probably didn't even friend them. Get to know more people in the community before you wish to go places. 3. You literally only want a staff position, your posts are all staff application posts. You can apply when I get back from Yakima, does that mean I will accept the next application? No, prove to me you can do all the things of which I asked, make yourself worthy for the position, until then, denied.
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    The community is changing and I don't play any of the servers and the forums are pretty much on auto pilot now. I would like to thank @The Asian for giving me the opportunity in helping the community and work with him on the forums. But I have too much stuff going on in my life and I just really don't care anymore. I've already cleared my friends list and if you are still on it congrats I probably like you. Anyways peace out.
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    TTT Glossary Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT): A gamemode of deceit, betrayal, discovery, and survival. Innocent: A loyal terrorist. Your objective is to survive. This can be accomplished by killing all traitors or running out of time. Traitor: An unloyal terrorist. Your objective is to murder all non-traitors. You have special gadgets to assist you in your plan in !shop. Since the innocents greatly outnumber you, you must use stealth, skill, and deceit to kill them all. Traitors win the round when there are only traitors left alive. Detective: A specialized counter-terrorist. Your objective is to help the innocents find and kill the traitors. You have special gadgets to assist you in your plan in !shop. Since they want to survive, the innocents will listen to any reasonable command you give them. Detectives win the round if the innocents win. Random-Death-Match (RDM): The indiscriminate killing of players without proof. Any attempt to kill a player without a valid reason to kill is considered RDM and will be punished. Kill-On-Sight (KOS): A KOS is issued by a player who witnesses a valid reason to kill. Beware, as traitors can issue a false KOS to mislead the innocents. Livecheck: A livecheck is issued by a player to see how many players are still alive. Since players are not confirmed deceased until their body is identified, livechecks can be a helpful tool. Unidentified: A body is unidentified if no one has used the body yet. An identified body will be colored green, red, or blue. Not identifying an unidentified body is grounds for death. (Thank you @Smushies) General Rules 1. No RDM (random deathmatch) of any kind. This includes killing someone without reason/ revenge RDM. 2. No ghosting/ giving info to living players whether through steam chat or voice programs. This can also be stretched to ratting out your traitor buddies to the entire server. 3. No cheating/ using outside programs to perform better in the game. This also includes teaming with players outside your assigned role. 4. Do not prop push/ prop block. This includes barricading entrances so no one else can enter the room. 5. Do not mic spam/use soundboards. Mic spam can be defined as using your mic in a way that it interferes with the game play. Ex. You're telling a pointless story and people can't hear KOSes. 6. Do not harass the other players/ staff. If someone expresses that they are not okay with something that is said you must not say it again. If you continue to do so you will be muted/gagged. 7. Do not advertise other communities whether through your name or purposely in game. Letters in front of your name are fine ex. [CG]Kimilinni. 8. Do not call a false KOS (Kill on sight) the person who called the false KOS will be punished for RDM, not the person who carried it out. This does not include traitors. If someone calls a KOS and they turn out to be inno you must stop and put sus on the person who called it. 9. Camping as a traitor or detective is not allowed. 10. Do not exploit the map and glitches. Such going places where you cannot take damage, where you can see through walls, or being any place the map designers did not intend for players to be. If there is a problem within the server and you know that it is not how it's suppose to be. You need to report it to higher staff and not tell other players. 12. Do not enter a t room to kill other players who go in it. You will be slayed in the middle of the round and for each person you killed in the following rounds. All people who enter the T room are KOSable and camping inside it to kill those who enter is just an excuse to Mass RDM. 13. Do not KOS off of sound, location, or guns. This will count as RDM. 14. Do not kill the AFKS until 1:30 remains in the round. 15. INNOS and only INNOS may claim rooms and they are allowed to do so when there is 1 minute remaining in the round. 16. Live check or KOS on remaining players cannot be called until 1:30. Live check can be called at anytime but killing someone for not answering it will count as RDM. 17. You must ask a person to ID an unidentified body unless you witness them walking directly over it without IDing. 18. Traitors are not allowed to call False KOS. 18. This is an English based server/community and you must have at least one readable word in your name. Staff may change your name but if it is not fixed by the next map you will be kicked. Overriding this by changing your name back or leaving and coming back immediately will result in a kick and if continuous will result in a 3 day ban. Detective Specific Rules 1. You can only order one person at a time to do something. You must give them 3 warnings before you may put a KOS on them. 2. You cannot order a player to drop their weapons. 3. You cannot tell them to kill another player without valid reason. 4. You must be actively looking for TRAITORS. 5. All RDM rules apply to you. Valid Reasons for KOS 1. You see them kill someone and walk away from the body without identifying it. (stay calm it may be a traitor that they killed) 2. They are traitor baiting such as saying they are a t/traitor, they shoot at you with the intent to kill/ damage you, or they say that they killed someone. 3. You see them shooting across the map with either an AWP or a scout. 4. You see them walk directly over an unidentified body. 5. They damage you for at least 5 damage. 6. They did not answer the Live Check or KOS. 7. They are the only person left who is not proven. (If there are unidentified bodies then you cannot use this. It must go based off the players who are "alive" on the scoreboard) 8. If they continue to follow you after you have given them 3 warnings to stop. 9. They ignore detective orders 3 times. 10. You see them go into a t room or open a door that only traitors can open. If you are INNO and there is a valid KOS on you, retaliating and killing people who are following the KOS will count as RDM.
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    Headline messaged me on Facebook telling me what happened. This resignation has honestly made me sad but in a way I am happy for you and proud for what you have done here. Of course we'll stay in contact cause man needs his daughter #feelme. We'll definitely meet up soon with a few others and get wasted and talk about why my balls haven't dropped. Much love and don't be afraid to message me whenever you want. Spades~
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    Hey ya'll how would you feel about the removal of the word *ahem* faggot, from GMOD TTT? Personally for me I would not mind it as... 1. All other CG servers allow it. 2. 70% of the playerbase says it outside of the server 3. Everyone who DID support this stupid fucking rule has been either blacklisted, resigned and doesn't play GMOD TTT anymore, or left. 4. It's a fucking childish rule that I don't think we as staff have to monitor what people say like this, what are we, a christian server now? Vote above.
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    Ban Request Denied. First and foremost, 2 weeks is a ridiculous amount of time to be banned for only 2 RDMs and an attempt of 1, especially after taking his slays. I'm aware there was one more but that was just him T baiting and getting himself killed. The question here is if Flipp3d was "targeting". There isn't any real definition of "targeting" for us, but in this case, I don't believe it can be classified as it. It was just a few RDMs one time to which he took his punishment for. Had it been more throughout multiple times and maps with clear hostile intent, it would be. Booty did say in admin chat that Flipp3d was "targeting" him after the second time and unfortunately I hadn't told him to stop until after the third report, where it was pretty much over and he had left shortly after. So I can only blame myself for not telling him sooner, since he probably would have stopped if I had. Though this shouldn't need to be said, if this does continue, it would be considered targeting at that point and you will receive a punishment.
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    Denied for the following reasons. 1) You were warned and gagged (before your perma gag) more than once for your language and behaviour. 2) After being permanently gagged, you continued to disrespect staff in the server and used banned laguage. 3) You were given multiple chances to improve your behaviour on the server, however, each time you blew it. 4) It’s clear from the player feedback and chat logs that you’ve only acted negatively in the server towards others. 5) You don’t seem to be able to learn from you mistakes, causing you to constantly repeat them. 6) You’ve broken numerous rules, which include: harassment, psay spam, ghosting over psay, disrespecting staff, and using banned language. Now, for future reference, here and elsewhere, a mental illness is not a valid excuse for any action. The decisions you made weren’t because of them, and you must own up to that. You may reappeal in 3 weeks. P.S. If you have an issue with the outcome of the request, you can PM myself here on forums, rather than trying to bring Asian into it again.
  41. 5 points
    Dont really care at this point but Obi did tell me someone was trying to get him to leave cg for ag when we played league last. But let it be known that he didnt only leak pics ok. He also, after being blacklisted, made an account on forums and went and rep abused the people he didnt like. Not to mention his friends getting on bhop and torching people in the open on that server. Again, dont really care if hes allowed back at this point but people need all the facts. He planned on giving Ryan the pics for his birthday and Ryan told Panda he was thinking about asking for the before that point. Snoop then went to angie and said he was being blackmailed when Panda told him. Read it all and put this all out there when I made Ryan's unblacklist request, which to be frank, Ryan got blacklisted for being unliked and weird, because if he broke any rules it was merely the same ones as panda and I believe panda is still allowed on here.
  42. 5 points
    It's sad when people post screenshots whenever they do good, because no one cares about your performance and its annoying to see. An entire thread on the forums because you felt that people needed to see you do decent in a silver game against people who were likely doing the same thing IS ONE OF THE MOST AUTISTIC THINGS I'VE EVER SEEN. "oh wow booty is so amazing, did you see his 43 kills and that thread he made, im gonna send him nudes" IS THAT WHAT YOU IMAGINE YOU DICKLESS FAGGOT, I WANT TO CUT OFF YOUR FINGERS ONE BY ONE WITH TWEEZERS SO YOU CAN NEVER DO SOMETHING THIS EMBARRASSING AGAIN THANK YOU GOOD DAY
  43. 5 points
    -1, i dont think you are and ever will be mature enough to hold power on another server. With all your posts crying about not being promoted to admin, you are probably the most power hungry child i've met.
  44. 5 points
    Fair enough. Don't take my words to heart I deflect my feelings on the inside to the outside as a coping mechanism. So when I'm in a bad place it comes out wherever, which im in a bad place rn Anyways, its common courtesy i feel to at least explain to this guy why you banned him if he inquires such as he is now. Because you are the one who banned him and stuff.
  45. 5 points
  46. 5 points
    +1 FOR PERMA tbh, you're a funny lil dude u know. Still think you're one of the really fat kids that gets mad and just grunts really loudly.
  47. 5 points
    Ay how the fuck we already have a member of the month for February? Up until now voting is done for instance in February for the month of February. So we now just giving the shit out huh. What kind of weird AG esque shit is this you fucking weirdos.
  48. 4 points
    im sorry you cant accept the fact that what i said is the truth csgo is dead, gmod is dead, pubg is where everyone went no one wants to play on our shit servers just accept that
  49. 4 points
  50. 4 points
    Accepted! You were good staff in the past and i know you will do well as staff on TTT. I do recommend that you try and stay consistent with your activity a little more but other than that welcome to the team!

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