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    I love dogs. I think dogs are the best thing that have ever happened to people. What is your favorite dog? Mine is the german shepherd.
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    Holy shit thank you so much for the donation you literally have no idea how much this is going to help us.
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    Let's start the year off on the right foot! On January 20th, 2017, we'll be having a friendly competition vs. Allied-Gaming. There'll be a Best-of-3 ARAM between us and them, and the winning team will individually receive a winter-themed skin. The event will be hosted in AG's Teamspeak (ts3.allied-gaming.com) at 8pm EST | pm CST | 5pm PST If you want to play, simply comment on this post. From there - depending on the number of people who sign up - may be a random selection to see who plays! View full record
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    Man I love internet drama but fighting in profile descriptions is literally icing on the cake.
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    okay, sorry i forgot i need to clarify for small brains I was kidding about moving the date and I didnt actually think that was going to happen, however in the same breath stated that cg will field like 3 people.k so yeah, sorry i hurt your feelings and ruined your life. Fuck off me https://puu.sh/yARnf/bafbd013be.mp4
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    Its been a month where are the damn results
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    German Shepherd Husky mix
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    omg I want this dog. What is it.
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    Lenoty is just looking for masturbation material
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    ARAM? Hell yeah my practice has paid off. Sign me up. calling other ARAM vets @Spectra @THEGAYFISH @Kina
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    Never mind this is league weeb shit
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    ecksss deeeeeee hi guys how is everyone doing
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    Yeah I thought killing yourself would take top priority I guess not
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    i donated for the cause, pls get well soon cg. enjoy the $5 <3333
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    But they'll just spend it on drugs
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    One time I got to be a mod too but I abused it too hard
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    Are you using content you downloaded from a site? From my experience, most of them don't really work anymore. The site you got them from May have a tutorial though. The best way to get the textures is just to buy and install CSS, especially since its on sale for a little over $6 right now. Then all you have to do is press the controller icon on the main menu to mount it.
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    I resign from all my positions and I am taking my leave from the community as a whole (I may still pop in here and there but very little). I have pulled back a lot in the recent weeks and I generally do not find the community enjoyable anymore. It's been building for a long time. I have had staff in the community for over a year across multiple servers and things. I love a lot of people in this community and it has been a decision I have been struggling with over the last month or so. I have spoken to several people about it in the last few days and it is just my time honestly. After having power and responsibility in this community for so long the community to me as a whole has honestly just lost its luster. I have seen many people join and many people leave lots of people get banned and wishing some had been banned. I have made so many friends and met so many interesting people. I ran a great server and I hope that it continues to do well. I'm sure that @Flipp3d will do wonderful with it as he already has been doing as my Head Admin. I honestly couldn't have chosen a better one (it was better the second time around) I know I have made many mistakes in the past while I was here and I really do love this community but it is time for me to take my leave. I will keep all the friends I made on my friends list on steam if I removed you, don't add me back I removed you because I fucking hate you and don't want anything to do with you. @BasedLink is awesome and I love him! @vanG my beautiful wifey! I love you so much can't wait for matching tattoos sorry I never surpassed your posts :P @Spades I miss you come back already you dick. @Headline thanks for all the fun times and the chance to manage a server! @The Asian Thanks for letting me to get everyone to RDM you on the server. @Philip can you just admit that you bought that body pillow and stop lying to us? @Pvt Esbelto Bandito will fucking find you and he will punch you in the dick for me. Whether he wants to or not! Also buy me diamonds like shit! @Smushies Love you sorry I haven't kept in touch recently but I love you! @A Fucking Snake I mean we never talk but I love you too. @Han'na-Hiru and @Scrinn we're gonna party together soon! and scrinn you can bring your baby I won't lose him I swear! @TheRealPayne I'm resigned and I'm still more useful that you xD @Superkiller4933 You're a funny little shit I appreciate your messages last night please don't ever change. @Flipp3d Best guy I could have as staff I love the undercover shit we did so sneaky like! I will miss having you by my side! @Cyn you're my GBF no matter what @Flipp3d says because he's stupid. Just admit it. @Apollo I will forever RDM you and knife you when I get on the server. I no longer have responsibilities so I don't give a fuck :) @Sidartha continue to be useless staff so payne doesn't get lonely (good luck on all the work you're looking to do I'm sure you'll do great) @Kawaii Satan More people would visit forums if your shit drawings weren't there at the bottom of the page. Get your head out of your ass it's not a hat- Aubrey, Pitch Perfect (2012) To all my CS:GO TTT staff thank you for sticking with me through all my shit and inactivity. I hope you all the best in the future! CG has been one of the best things in my life when things were rough. But things started getting rough here. I lost my escape when I took on more responsibility. I lost a few friends. Some I will miss some I hope will get hit by a bus (you know who you are). CG was my family. I preferred it over my own family. I shared it with my nephew and he loved it. But my light has burned out. I have done everything I could do to help the community and sometimes I ended up hurting it instead. I know I'm a hot head but I was very passionate about this place too. I got in arguments a lot and fought so much over things. But I put that passion into trying to make the best things in CG that I could with the power and abilities that I had. I can't do anything more for my server or the community and it's best to give someone else a chance to do greater things than to sit with the power and watch it all start to fall apart. Good Luck to @Flipp3d who will be taking over for me. He will make CG proud no doubt in my mind at all.
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    CG is kill Better get an invite boy Anyways i was on here reading thru forums to possibly shit post but i saw this post. I wanted to give you a thank you for all youve done for this place. You were definitely (and still have been) one of the positive, solid pillars of this community. I know we have had our issues but i always respected you as my equal and will continue to do so. Good luck in your future endeavors.
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    PRetty noice. I broke my leg and been eating green apples everyday bc red apples taste like shit
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    what the one dog that looks like it gives you riddles
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    im insulted that my post was deleted
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    just wondering if it still haping or not wasn't sure just wanted to ask
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    y dnoate to deading comunitie

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