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  • Happy New Years! Let's make 2018 great for CG!
  • If you're looking at playing CS 1.6, we suggest GirlGam3r's Jailbreak!
  • Quote of the Day - "Don't hate the player hate the game."
  • For any inquiries about CSGO TTT or Hunger Games, contact Mitch and Bot Cloner, respectively.


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    drunk belto here just droppin by to say, people can change who they where previously, just takes the guts to admit what they did. honestly you shouldve told everyone what you did in the past, how you screwed up, and how you are gonna improve on it, honesty is the best policy. also staff dont seem to enjoy you for reasons be so improve relations with staff -1 im glad im drinking, really i am, or i wouldve gone off so ill just leave this with... “It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” ― George Washington and you didnt even have to create an app to become a mod/trial admin for the server. duces yo
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    When aren't you drinking lmao boom roasted *he has a point though* **also isn't cg going to get shut down in January anyway?** ***rip cg you were great when Asian wasn't in charge lmao***

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