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What's Up CG?
  • Happy New Years! Let's make 2018 great for CG!
  • If you're looking at playing CS 1.6, we suggest GirlGam3r's Jailbreak!
  • Quote of the Day - "Don't hate the player hate the game."
  • For any inquiries about CSGO TTT or Hunger Games, contact Mitch and Bot Cloner, respectively.


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    Where's my Hunger Games at C:
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    Thanks to the recent efforts of @Jim Raynor, we're seeing TTT take off once more! While our CS:GO side has room to improve, there are some sparks in activity throughout the day and is looking to rebound with the PUBG hype dying down. So, with the holiday season already here, I'd like to host my own giveaway for the community. From now until December 31st, every dollar you donate will equal a ticket towards our end-of-the-year raffle. Tickets will be awarded in the order the donation's are received. Example - @Scrinn donates $10, he will go in as tickets 1-10. Here's how the winners will be determined on Christmas this year. ---- Total Number of Tickets x (Random Decimal Value between 0 and 1) = Winning Ticket Number Example - 305 x .0532323 = 16.23585 ≈ 16 (Winning Ticket) --- First Prize: $20 Steam Wallet Code Second Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Code Third Prize: 6 Month Premium ESEA Subscription Raffle can only happen if we hit at least $100 of our donation goal. If anyone else would like to include a prize themselves into the raffle, PM me on forums. This winter, I hope we can get our servers going again and prove everyone wrong that we CAN come back, and we'll come back stronger than ever!
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    What is up my gamers, cringy intros aside, I've decided to come out of retirement. So with the new sm I saw the problems i had with the server go away so im coming back everyone.
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    Guys I'd just like to say. Thank you for all your support and help through the hardships of the server. We are making a massive come back to the server. Theres a work still and some tough decisions to make but I just want to say to everyone. Thank you so much. I really couldnt have done this without all of you... In game tracker we are in the 79% Percentitle Rank: 828 And that is jumping very rapidly!!! We were rank 2000+ in the 68%. And just in a few weeks we turned this thing around and almost are getting really popular! Once again guys, I really couldn't have done it without this community we have. We have a highs and lows and need help, and thats what makes this community all great. We all pitch in to help the one guy thats bringing everything together. When I get on and hear ppl say, "Wow this server is awesome!" Its not just by me guys. Its you. Your the reason why CG is still here today. Thank you guys so much for all that you have done. I'll see you on the server. I'm all fired up! -- Jim Raynor
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    hey buddy my legacys over time for you to create your own, im here if you need help and always will be, good luck my dude!

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