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  • Happy New Years! Let's make 2018 great for CG!
  • If you're looking at playing CS 1.6, we suggest GirlGam3r's Jailbreak!
  • Quote of the Day - "Don't hate the player hate the game."
  • For any inquiries about CSGO TTT or Hunger Games, contact Mitch and Bot Cloner, respectively.


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    It's been while since the server has been functional and populated and I am aware that you want the fun to return. I am glad to announce that (if all goes to plan) the server will be up and running in the next couple weeks. As this task is completely new to me I have asked a very good friend of mine to assist in the behind the scenes work. @Mo0k is someone i have know for a very long time and i have complete trust that both him and I can bring the server above what you knew it as before. If you have any questions or suggestions on the server please contact me or @Mo0k. Thank you. View full record
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    Very happy to hear @Mitch! A true leader you are. @Mo0kWelcome and thankyou very much for helping Mitch with this task. I know it isnt an easy one. I for one am very excited to get this server and community back to where it was before. It will take everyones help to do so. Please Please Please let me know if there is anything i can do to help with the process. I am open at any time really especially during the week. I know I speak for everyone in saying Thank you and that we cannot wait to get back to some TTT Shenanigans once again. I have missed you guys alot.

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