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    yeah hes busy with you in pound town. isnt that right @The Asian, up top bro.
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    Im just going to unleash @Flipp3d here xddd
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    Hey everyone! Pretty much everyone knows now, but Esbelto has retired from the Gmod TTT Server. I'm thankful for what he as done in the past and now, he's moving on. Thanks for ur SA Service on TTT Esbelto! Now I'm the new Server Manager! Ill be working on a lot of stuff trying to make download a lot faster. That means I am going to have to cut out some of the stuff that we like on the server. I know some stuff is great and all, but we need to do this if we can get the server back up and running. Plus! I need people to join. All you members out there I'm calling out for help! We need to get our server up and running. Once we get more ppl on; the more users will join us (as long as ur not dicks or they are not dicks). I hope to have you guys help me make this server popular again! Battle On my friends! View full record
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    You’ve Inspired me to buy stock in Blockbuster
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    We all miss our respective servers I'm sure. I sure as hell miss bhop
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    I mean we just gave rin forum staff xd so i don't see why he can't have a chance +1 And I mean no can be as mute happy as @Jamesso why not right
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    its been happening even before when i was sm but hid under a thin layer of sorrys. much love to you micro, go places buddy couldnt have said it better honestly
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    Thanks to the recent efforts of @Jim Raynor, we're seeing TTT take off once more! While our CS:GO side has room to improve, there are some sparks in activity throughout the day and is looking to rebound with the PUBG hype dying down. So, with the holiday season already here, I'd like to host my own giveaway for the community. From now until December 31st, every dollar you donate will equal a ticket towards our end-of-the-year raffle. Tickets will be awarded in the order the donation's are received. Example - @Scrinn donates $10, he will go in as tickets 1-10. Here's how the winners will be determined on Christmas this year. ---- Total Number of Tickets x (Random Decimal Value between 0 and 1) = Winning Ticket Number Example - 305 x .0532323 = 16.23585 ≈ 16 (Winning Ticket) --- First Prize: $20 Steam Wallet Code Second Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Code Third Prize: 6 Month Premium ESEA Subscription Raffle can only happen if we hit at least $100 of our donation goal. If anyone else would like to include a prize themselves into the raffle, PM me on forums. This winter, I hope we can get our servers going again and prove everyone wrong that we CAN come back, and we'll come back stronger than ever!
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    Where's my Hunger Games at C:
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    hey buddy my legacys over time for you to create your own, im here if you need help and always will be, good luck my dude!
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    You just called out belto congratulations s
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    Congratulations man! I've seen the immense amount of changes you put into the server already, and can't wait to see the finished product. I'll try to hop on everyday to help with population (course I have absolutely no clue how to administrate a GMOD server so don't ask me to look at logs xd).
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    So as some of u know. There is a Airdrops on the server. On Cyber Monday Only, there will be an Increase chance to get Rare Items! Weapons and Skins! More are being add so be sure to be on for Cyber Monday! Dont miss your chance! ONLY ON CYBER MONDAY! B-b-b-b-b-back-back-back! The server will Rise up from the Dead! :D
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    jesus christ i dont think you know how power hungry you sound now kys
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    Glad to have someone as passionate as you to be the new sm
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    Lmao I think the last thing cg should or would do is blacklist someone over something so stupid. Especially when they actually try and do nice things for the members unlike the ones who are nothing but toxic. You can't help it if a person has fallen on hard times just be patient.
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    Guys I'd just like to say. Thank you for all your support and help through the hardships of the server. We are making a massive come back to the server. Theres a work still and some tough decisions to make but I just want to say to everyone. Thank you so much. I really couldnt have done this without all of you... In game tracker we are in the 79% Percentitle Rank: 828 And that is jumping very rapidly!!! We were rank 2000+ in the 68%. And just in a few weeks we turned this thing around and almost are getting really popular! Once again guys, I really couldn't have done it without this community we have. We have a highs and lows and need help, and thats what makes this community all great. We all pitch in to help the one guy thats bringing everything together. When I get on and hear ppl say, "Wow this server is awesome!" Its not just by me guys. Its you. Your the reason why CG is still here today. Thank you guys so much for all that you have done. I'll see you on the server. I'm all fired up! -- Jim Raynor
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    Was all you and changes you made, congrats bruv you deserve it. Much dedication and love you put in the server and you continue to do great things yo
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    What is up my gamers, cringy intros aside, I've decided to come out of retirement. So with the new sm I saw the problems i had with the server go away so im coming back everyone.
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    whatever belto did to you he did out of love, i also love you
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    Every little bit of help can do a lot on the server, it's nice to see everyone get involved in the server again. I hopped on yesterday with some other old cg ttt friends, It was a fun little reunion, if you ever need help with anything some of us *old and retired* staff can help you out. I know hutch and harmonic are already helping as much as they can, as well as cocoa and some others.
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    Well at least ive cared about the server long enough to change the things that are in it @Apollo @Rin ;^)
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    He's been staff for a longggg time, you guys don't pay attention do you?
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    5, ruin this and ill leak your address
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    If you visit forums and see this post reply to it, what's the forum body count now. Probably between 8-15
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    The past few months have been incredibly tough for Colosseum Gaming. I know this community is in a slump. Yes, it is dying, but I don’t want it to and hopefully you don’t either. I’ve known a lot of you since the day we started, and I haven’t been the best owner some of you wanted me to be. However, I don’t want to see this community which once was a thriving place for players to meet up to see the same fate as preceding communities have. As Owner, I sincerely apologize for the lack of time and dedication asked from me to keep the community going. The way the community has begun to shape up is largely due to neglection and poor management skills. I largely hoped for the longest of time Spades would come back and step up to be the leader I knew I couldn’t be, but that moment’s long gone. While we both share the blame, we all know I could’ve done a better job all this time to make things work. It’s time to move on from what we once were to what we have now. Today, I want to put an end to our dry period and start new things to liven the community once more. I will do my part to create many more events in our servers and other games, as well as do giveaways to bring in new people. I will be asking for those wanting to step up to help me set up weekly weekend/weekday events that will bring the community together. I’m going to need your guys’ help. The past two years has been a huge roller-coaster, and we still have plenty of room to grow. Along with the Council, I will do my honest best to bring the community back onto its feet, but I ask for your help and support. Let’s make the community the image we all thought it was going to be when we first started, let’s rebuild. View full record
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    I donated! Awaiting Vip status IG. Sincerely - o_chadon_o
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    @The Asian On the Gmod TTT server. I already added his perks.
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    Community servers are pretty much are impossible to populate at this point. Many people go to big community servers rather than trying out new servers by low-key communities. Also, community servers population are in decline due to the game its self pretty much dying (at least CS:GO). I say just make a server that people want, personally I would like to have a mini-game server out at some point, it's fun and simple to play & make.
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    HG was never mine I just loved it so much and I miss all the old friendhsips and how everyone was perfect togther and I was just talking about this with @Jake on steam and i misss ityttt i miss caring so much about it and being a petty little virgin moddd i want it back for 1 day ugh
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    Are you having an affair with the entire community? I'm telling the divorce lawyer.
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    payment has been delivered to Lenoty and BootyRay enjoy and again i'm sorry for the dealy
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    Do you like to play with some buds? Or are you a bit more of a solo player? I prefer duos FPP. Third person is okay but fuck those stair campers mang. Highest kill count & Chicken dinner? When Tommy was crate only: Today: First chicken dinner? What are you hoping gets added into the game as its *intended* release is sometime this year? Vaulting Favorite loadout? (Assuming you get a PERFECT game with your preferred guns) SKS/MK14 with a M416/Scar I'm just a little bit curious about what everyone else has been doing in PUBG. Non-stop FPP bc fuck third person. Lots of bike training to do flips and I still die by the smallest dip in the road. I'm hopin to see some screenshots too. Here ya go mang. Here's my low res playdoh knee Ash from Rainbow 6 Seige and here non-existent head hitbox Me suicide diving out the car window. Dark time before dark time was a thing And last but not least a selfie
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    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:196677335 Perks Requested: Gmod TTT Vip Amount Donated: $5 Comments: this is for gameChanger
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    Neither of those games has the potential for a community, if CSGO is only good in competitive alternates than the community aspect of the servers is useless as well. Communities just aren;t going to last but i still love you all except rin

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