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  • Jailbreak Rules & Administration

    At the beginning of every round a Warden is assigned to call days and make prisoners fight to the death, race or compete in any way until one prisoner is left alive. As a Warden it is your duty and responsibility to call fun days using the map and mini-games menu while keeping the prisoners in control and avoiding being overrun by them.

    The Prisoners can choose to follow the commands of the day and compete against fellow inmates or rebel and try to take out the guards. Prisoner's rebelling, rebel on their own risk of being killed by a Guard. The last prisoner remaining gets to play last request games of their choosing against the guards.

    Click a Shortcut to Navigate Through the Page-

    General Rules -

    1. You can't kill a prisoner through a random select.
    2. The prisoner to guard ratio must not exceed 2:1. Otherwise the day immediately becomes a ratio free day.
    3. The first day of a new map is always an unrestricted free day. Guards are not allowed to intentionally kill themselves to bypass this day.
    4. Guards must be assisting the Warden at all times. This means guards may not wonder off, speak over the Warden, or give conflicting commands.
    5. If the guards try to kill the Warden or other guards they will receive a punishment.
    6. When the Warden dies, or disconnects all his commands are void. The new Warden must issue their own commands.
    7. New commands override old commands. Exception: Stacked standard commands, Event Commands and Day Commands.
    8. Starting command must be called and the cell doors must be opened by a guard by [9:00]. Otherwise, the day immediately becomes an unrestricted free day.
    9. If the timer reaches [0:00] on a normal day or hide and seek day, it will be a unrestricted freeday and a 2 minute countdown starts if prisoners dont kill CTS they will all be slayed. Unless a prisoner reaches LR
    10. If the cell doors are opened by a prisoner, the day becomes an unrestricted free day, even if the Warden has already issued a command.
    11. Punishment, cell lock down and any days forcing prisoners to stay in the cells are not allowed.
    12. If a prisoner reaches a designated area, they are not rebelling, even if they did not follow stacked commands.
    13. Prisoners who are “fully” outside the cells before the cell doors are opened are considered rebelling.
    14. Collateral damage is never in effect. If a prisoners is inadvertently killed, it is still a free kill and must be be awarded a free day.
    15. Prisoners may openly attack any Guard that is taunting until the Guard is out of taunting range.
    16. If one or two prisoners have been "free killed" the next day has to be a normal day and those free killed must be given a free day.
    17. In the event of a Mass Free Kill [4 or more victims], guards are required to call an unrestricted free day the following day.
    18. If the Warden dies, the day is considered a Free Day until the new Warden calls for Prisoners to freeze.
    19. Vents are always restricted, if caught being in a vent on a Special Day then it would result in a punishment.
    20. Rebellers, once rebelling you're always a rebeller, unless the Warden says otherwise and gives you a second chance; however, favouritism rule still applies here.
    21. If a Prisoner has a gun during a free day, you must ask them to drop it and countdown from 5 to 0, if a prisoner aims a gun at you or a CT, you have the right to kill the Prisoner, aiming a gun at a CT is considered auto rebel.
    22. No racism nor excessive harassment of players.
    23. Attempting to crash the server in anyway would result in a punishment.
    24. Exploiting maps is forbidden.
    25. A prisoner with a free day is not allowed to interfere with the day or risk losing the freeday and considered rebelling.
    26. On a freeday a guard is allowed to defend himself if a pirsoner is within the knife distance with him by giving him a verbal and a warning shot with their gun, if the prisoner doesn't comply the guard is allowed to kill that prisoner.
    27. Any activity must be announced by the Warden before the activity is played. Also the end of the activity must be announced before giving any other commands.
    28. Strict days are to be used only once every three rounds/days.
    29. " 1,2,3" and "4-Square" are to be played only once per round and can’t be played consecutively.
    30. No player is allowed to camp on any special day.
    31. Once there is only 1 prisoner left alongside individual freedays, those freedays must be removed before given any commands to follow.
    32. Fake afking is not allowed. Punishments may occur.
    33. Mass team killing (3+ teammates) will cause punishments to the player.
    34. Opinion based games are allowed only if there're 3+ guards. (voting between guards)
    35. There is no taunting on freedays & last request. (Individual freedays/Freedays)
    36. If a guard taunts, he or she may be hurt/killed by prisoners, and nothing shall happen to the prisoners.
    37. If a prisoner has a freeday, but a Unrestricted Freeday happens, the prisoner with the freeday isn't allowed a second freeday, unless free killed during the Freeday.
    38. If a prisoner has a freeday, but the guards start a Restricted Freeday/Special Day before glowing the prisoner, the prisoner should still be glowed the next day.

    Being a Guard -

    Follow these rules if you want to be a Guard. No one likes Wardens that don't know how to play correctly or make the server enjoyable, so pay attention.

    Guard Requirements

    1. Guards are required to have a microphone. Microphones must be used and have clear, audible quality.
    2. Guards must countdown every command after the initial command is called. This includes Magic Words, and any activity.
    3. Guards cannot assume that a Prisoner attacked a Guard without visual proof.
    4. Guards are permitted to wallbang, if the prisoner is considered a rebeller.
    5. Guards are not allowed to camp the gunroom.
    6. Guards must specify a player name when commanding a Prisoner to drop a weapon.
    7. Guards may not attack Prisoners for Grenade usage, unless Grenades are restricted for an event.
    8. Guards may not Gunplant or intentionally taunt Prisoners. Seen doing so will result in admin discipline.
    9. Guards do not reserve the right to cheat on Last Request.
    10. Guards cannot have a voice changer / extremely high pitched voice.
    11. Guards must know all the rules before becoming a guard.
    12. Guards can go in vents as long as the vent is open; however, they may not camp in vents.
    13. Guards cannot shoot prisoners for breaking vents, only for being in one.
    14. Warning shots must be given for every day command, unless a prisoner is clearly rebelling. After the prisoners have completed the day command and/or a new command was given, it is the guards' option whether to give warning shots or not.
    15. Everything requires a countdown from 5 to 0 except the first command of the day, reaction activities, and "freeze" command.

    Terminology -

    1. AFK Check: Giving an AFK prisoner a five second warning to follow the Warden's commands before killing them. This is only required before the timer hits [8:30]. AFK prisoners beyond that point are treated like rebellers.
    2. Cage Command: Any command that refers to the cage. "Back wall of the cage"..etc is always outside the cage unless stated otherwise, and is assumed to mean to go to outside wall of the cage.
    3. Day Command: This command will stay in effect for the entire day, or until it is ended by the Warden. [Example: You can go anywhere throughout the day but you must be crouching and slashing your knife].
    4. Delaying: Not doing the current objective.
    5. Event Command: Event commands stay in effect for the entire event unless specified otherwise by the Warden. New commands do not override it unless specified by the Warden.
    6. Freekill: The unjust death of a prisoner. A guard is required to award that prisoner a free day the next day.
    7. Freeshot: Unjustly damaging a prisoner. The prisoner may ask a guard for a full heal.
    8. Freeze Command: Prisoners must freeze in place without movement (if a prisoner was crouching, s/he may keep on crouching during this command if they desire to continue on crouching without movement or didn't find the time to stand). Should Guards be in Taunting Range during this command, Prisoners may openly attack the Taunting Guard. (AFK Freeze and Freeze are the same. For this command the prisoners should be given 2 seconds to freeze.)
    9. Ghosting: A dead player revealing another player's position on the map, health level, weapon, etc. Ghosting is not allowed.
    10. Guard: Non-Warden Guards tasked with helping the Warden and enforcing the commands.
    11. Gun Planting: Guards deliberately giving a prisoner a weapon. This isn't allowed unless an event requires weapons.
    12. Magic Word: A term or phrase stated by the Warden that must be said in order for a chain of commands to proceed.
    13. Mass Free killing: A premeditated, intentional, and or random killing of prisoners in mass numbers of 4 or more throughout the day.
    14. Rebelling: A prisoner is considered rebelling in the following cases: Not following commands after a countdown has been issued. Not attempting to obey a command during a countdown. Buying a shop item that could cause harm to the guards. Exception: Grenades. Carrying a gun. Exception: The prisoner is gun planted or unintentionally picked up a gun from a dying player.
    15. Restricted Free Day: Guns are restricted. Guards are also able to restrict one location. Cells and hallways can not be restricted.
    16. Ratio Free Day: Called in the event the guard-to-prisoner ratio does not meet the 2:1 ratio. First guards to die on this day have to transfer to the prisoner's team until the ratio is balanced.
    17. Singular Command: A single command or action.
    18. Stacked Command: 4 singular commands chained together.
    19. Standard Command: Require a steady countdown of 5 seconds [5 4 3 2 1 0]. The prisoners may be killed if they do not attempt to follow the command during the count down (this includes Simon Says Activity).
    20. Starting Command: The first command called by the Warden. The Starting Command does not require a count down and cannot be a Stacked Command. New commands may be issued after the cells are opened and must require a countdown.
    21. Strict Day: Guards call a cage day where prisoners take one step outside their cells and freeze or anything of that sort.
    22. Team Killing: Killing fellow prisoners or guards. Prisoners are allowed to Team Kills on freedays and against rebelling teammates.
    23. Taunting: Renders all commands void during the event a Prisoner is being Taunted. Remains void until the Taunting Guard is out of Taunting Range. Prisoners within 2 player models range or in the act of attacking a guard are not considered rebelling unless deliberately disobeying the set command. Guards are considered taunting if they enter a prisoner's cell before [8:30]. Taunting rules do not stay in effect during freedays and last requests.
    24. Taunting Range: A guard within 2 player models distance of a prisoner or an open area containing the prisoners [for the current command/activity]. Prisoners may openly attack the Taunting Guard until they are out of Taunting Range.
    25. Unrestricted Free Day: Guards may not call any commands during the day. The prisoners must attempt to eliminate the guards.
    26. Vent: Any crawlspace that has an entrance, and an exit (some vents don't require players to crouch). Vents include secret spots such as the teleportation box and the secret room in death crate in spy vs spy and the scout room in obama.
    27. Warden: The guard in charge of the day. Responsible for moving the day forward.
    28. Warning Shot: Shooting a prisoner as a warning for not following commands. This prisoner is not eligible for a heal from a guard unless the Warden allows it.

    Last Request -

    There are three types of rules for Last Request events.

    • Standard Rules: Concrete rules provided by the server.
    • No Rules: No rules, user discretion advised (Guards may not cheat, unless the prisoner is cheating which is considered rebelling).
    • Custom Rules: Prisoner defines his or her own rules.
    1. Last request overrides all previous actions and voids any prior commands.
    2. Prisoners are able to speak on their mic during last request.
    3. Guards are free to give the prisoner a time limit to initiate the last request or state their rules. (No less than 15 seconds and no longer than 1 minute)
    4. All rules must be fair and equal. Otherwise, the guard reserves the right to deny the rules.
    5. Last Request proceeds automatically as standard, unless the T request custom rules in chat prior.
    6. Guards must always ask what the rules are for the last request.

    Activities -

    1. Simon Says
      • To start Simon Says, the Warden must state: "We are playing Simon Says. Simon says I'm Simon".
      • To end Simon Says, Simon must state, "Simon says Simon Says is now over".
      • Non-Simon supporting guards are not permitted to give commands to confuse the prisoners during Simon Says.
      • In order to pass Simon Says to another guard, Simon must state: "Simon Says [name of guard] is Simon".
      • Simon may only call singular commands.
    2. First Reaction Last Reaction
      • First Reaction - Command followed by a designated set of instructions, first person to follow the command dies.
      • Last Reaction - Command followed by a designated set of instructions, last person to follow the command dies.
      • Command may only be used to kill 2 Prisoners, must be done consecutively, and only once a day.
    3. Trivia
      • A chosen guard proceeds to ask a trivia question. First Prisoner to answer the question correctly may slash fellow prisoner(s) to be killed. (The Warden may change this to appropriate modifications to our rules.).
      • This activity may only be used to kill 2 Prisoners, unless it is a team trivia, must be done consecutively, and only once a day.
    4. Random Selection
      • Guards randomly choose a prisoner via the Guard Menu. Prisoner chosen picks the next event of the day.
    5. Friendly Fire
      • Warden activates Friendly Fire between the Prisoners, in which Prisoners attempt to kill of the other inmates.
    6. Bump and Shove
      • This activity allows prisoners to push other inmates by “stabbing” at them.
    7. Panda Roam Freeday
      • Prisoners are required to crouch throughout the day or they will be killed by guards if caught standing up.
    8. Red Light, Yellow Light, and Green light
      • The Warden specifies the starting and ending points to where the prisoners commute back and forth.
      • Red Light All prisoners freeze.
      • Yellow Light All prisoners walk/crouch depending on the Warden’s call.
      • Green Light All prisoners run.

    Special Days -

    Special days can be played once every 3 days either by choice of the Warden or by Rocking the Day. Prisoners may also select a Special Day as part of their Last Request.

    1. Knife Day - All players are reduced to 35 HP, and have 3 lives. Friendly Fire enabled.
    2. Gang Day - Split into two gangs (Blood or Crip) and you try to kill the other gang
    3. Drunk Day - Buttons are reversed, new weapon every 3 seconds, free for all so basically kill anyone you see.
    4. War Day -  All players have heavy armor and spawn with guns. Last man standing wins the day.
    5. No Scope Day - All players have 10 seconds to spread across the map, then are spawned AWPs. Last man standing wins the day.
    6. Scout and Knifes Day - Players have 10 seconds to spread across the map, then are spawned SSG-08 (Scouts). Last man standing wins the day.
    7. One In The Chamber Day - One .50 Caliber Bullet and a knife. Bullets are gifted upon a successful kill. Last man standing wins the day.
    8. Zombie Day - Prisoners are zombies, guards are survivors. Prisoners may not camp they must hunt for guards.
    9. Mafia Day - like gang day (Red or  Blue) but each mafia gang has 1 godfather if a godfather is killed the entire team will die. Protect your godfather at all cost.
    10. Nade Day - All players are spawned with HE Grenade. Last man standing wins the day. Cant be on top of a cage during this day!
    11. Dodgeball Day - All players are spawned with Flash Grenade and low gravity. Last man standing wins the day.
    12. Headshot Day - All players have 10 seconds to spread across the map, then are spawned with Deags. Players must aim for headshots as bodyshots will not damage other players. Last man standing wins the day.
    13. Duck Hunt Day - Prisoners are chickens and Guards have Novas(Shotguns) and try to kill the chickens(Prisoners).
    14. Jedi Day - Push “e” on other players when in a higher position to shove them down to the ground and die.
    15. Shark Day - All prisoners will spawn with awps and try to kill guards as they can no-clip through walls.
    16. NightCrawler Day - Guards are invisible unless damaged and can climb walls by knifing the wall. While Prisoners are equipped with weapons and a random prisoner will have a laser mounted to their weapon and if that laser pointed at a Nightcrawler it will turn red.
    17. Cocktail Party Day - Everybody gets a molotov, a person can start catching on fire if damaged by the molly, friendly fire is enabled. Cant be on top of a cage during this day!
    18. Trigger Discipline Day - Everybody gets a R8 and every shot you miss you will lose HP. Make every shot count!
  • Commands

    Prisoners - 

    • sm_gsay - Communicate to people within your gang
    • sm_gangs - Gangs Menu
    • sm_lr - Lastrequest
    • sm_shop - Black Market

    Guards - 

    • sm_days - Special Days Menu
    • sm_heal - Heal Menu
    • sm_guard - Guard Menu
    • sm_fd - Freeday Menu
    • sm_glow - Glow Menu
    • sm_open - Open Cells
    • sm_close - Close Cells
    • sm_tools - Tools Menu

    All - 

    • sm_bet - Bet your credits in the Casino
    • sm_cancelpot - cancel your jackpot bet
    • sm_donate - donate credits to a player
    • sm_spec - Transfer to Spectator
    • sm_donate - Donate credits to player(s)
    • sm_credits - Check other peoples credits
    • sm_rank - Your Stats
    • sm_top10 - Top 10 Prisoners
    • sm_rtd - rock the day
  • Server Etiquette

    Staff are expected to be welcoming to newcomers, and respectable to regular players. They should be upholding rules in the most appropriate manner discussed at server meetings and more.

    Staff may not abuse their powers, whether on another player, staff member, or above. If collected evidence verifies you are abusing your power, you will be removed from the Staff team, and put on cooldown, as others may want a chance to prove they're better staff material than you are.

    Players are expected to be as welcoming as the staff, and make the server fun and popular. Your job as dedicated players is to keep the server flowing nicely, and invite your friends to continue the fun!


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