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  • Garry's Mod TTT Rules

  • Basic Rules

    1.) RDM is NOT allowed under any case. This includes killing, shooting, damaging, or calling a KoS on a player without a valid reason. Doing so will result in a Punishment suitable for the action (Read Punishments).
    2.) Ghosting will not be tolerated. 
    3.) Mic spamming or hostile slander will result in the appropriate punishment, this also includes racism, sexism, and general hostility; text-spamming will result in similar consequences. (You may not say or Ni****)
    4.) Prop-killing as an Innocent or Detective will be treated as RDM (Unless you validly killed a T with propkill). Traitors are allowed to prop-kill. This includes placing props specifically in locations meant to kill.
    5.) You may call a Live Check at any time. KOSable Live Checks are not permitted until overtime and must be done by a detective.
    6.) If you are seen outside the intended area of the map, Admins online are allowed to use commands to progress the game.
    7.) Your name must be pronounceable and readable by those who only speak English (No names with only non-Latin characters. A mix of Latin and non-Latin characters is okay).
    8.) You may not have banned words, test, traitor, proven or KOS in your name.
    9.) Prop-surfing is KOSable, but you must witness it.
    10.) Door spamming (Which includes jamming a prop in a door) to not allow someone inside a room is not allowed.
    11.) Pushing someone into a corner with a prop and not moving in 5 seconds when that said person gives you the warning CAN result in a KOS.
    12.) You may only claim rooms in overtime.
    13.) You may not kill off of suspicion at any time. Proof is needed.
    14.) In overtime you may vote players off. A majority vote is needed to do so, and the player voted off is allowed to fight back. (It's not considered RDM for either player)
    15.) Bounties count as RDM. Both the person who created the bounty and the person who followed it will be slain.

    **Punishments may vary based on severity and circumstance.

  • Detective Specific Rules

    1.) Innocents Or Detectives must not camp in Detective Rooms if it delays the round.
    2.) Detectives may cast orders to players and reign punishment if orders are either ignored or denied. This is valid only if the order in question is within reason. This includes, but is not limited to, "Test or KOS". The Detective is only permitted to order two players at a time; mass orders CAN be ignored (Any order involving three or more players).
    3.) Attempting to drop the DNA scanner is not allowed. This results in duplication of the DNA scanner and doing so will result in consequences.
    4.) Detectives may trade their weapons with Proven Innocents.
    5.) Detectives may only tell a single player to "Test or KOS" 3 times in a map (or 6 times if the map is extended). Ex. You can tell players A, B, and C to test 3 times in a map, but you can't make any of them test more than that.

  • Traitor Specific Rules

    1.) All of the Basic Rules listed above apply here as well.
    2.) Traitor buddies are not held accountable if you die to their C4. Please be aware of your surroundings and watch for where your allies have placed C4! However, you are responsible for your own Remote C4.
    3.) If you are going to activate a trap, use remote C4, or jihad in a large crowd, then please alert your Traitor buddies using Traitor chat. You are held accountable if that's the reason for their death and will be punished appropriately.
    4.) Do not camp in an area for more than 45 seconds if you are not in the process of killing an Innocent or Detective. Failure to move after these 45 seconds will result in a warning. If you do not move after 10 seconds of the warning you will be slain.
    5.) Telling anyone who your traitor allies are is considered as RDM, and you will be punished appropriately for doing so.
    6.) Do not delay as the last Traitor alive (Can lead to a warning and further consequences).
    7.) Traitors must not grant access to any Traitor-specific resource. This includes, but is not limited to, Traitor Weapons and Traitor Rooms.
    8.) You may not exploit the Ace of Spades glitch to use have a different weapon with it.

  • VIP Specific Rules

    1.) You may not have: Mod, Moderator, Admin, Administrator, Server Manager, Developer, or Owner in your tag unless you hold that position.
    2.) Your tag may not break general chat rules (refer to general rules).
    3.) Any abuse of VIP commands, may result in either the loss of the command or the loss of the VIP rank.

  • Staff Rules

    1.) Only staff members with VIP (Mod+, Admin+, HA, and SA) may customize their tags.
    2.) The !karma command is only to be used in special circumstances, no longer will it be used on map extension.

  • Special Round Rules

    1.) Vampire Hunt - Killing the vampire is not RDM since the server broadcasts who it is.
    2.) Simon Says - As an innocent RDM is ONLY allowed if Simon says. Traitors may kill as normal. Normal KOS rules apply.
    3.) Traitor Roulette - Killing a previous Traitor is RDM. Once the server broadcasts that the traitor has changed, if the previous traitor didn't realize they changed to innocent and kills someone, it's still RDM. 
    4.) Hide and Seek - As an innocent or detective you may attempt to kill anyone with a gun (until overtime, then normal TTT rules apply).
    5.) RDM in special rounds will result in the normal number of slays except in Teamswitch Deathmatch and Deathmatch. Killing a teammate in one of those two rounds will only be one slay.

  • Misc. Rules

    1.) Using black player paint with Shadow Miku may result in a loss of the skin.
    2.) Using high jump to glide or hop around in a way that makes you nearly impossible to hit is against the rules.
    3.) You may not prop kill while in spectate.

  • Punishment Procedures

    For RDM

    Innocent/Detective RDM of an Innocent = 1 Slays
    Innocent RDM of a Detective = 2 Slays
    Innocent/Detective RDM of a Traitor = 2 Slays
    Detective RDM of a Detective = 3 Slays
    Traitor RDM of a Traitor = 3 Slays
    Mass RDM (3+ RDMs in one round | 6+ RDMs in a map) = Perma Ban

    For leaving on Slays

    Leaving on 1 Slay = 1 Day Ban
    Leaving on 2 Slays = 2 Day Ban
    Leaving on 3+ Slays = Perma Ban


    Ghosting = Perma Ban
    Ban Evading = Perma Ban

  • RDM Reports Rules

    1.) General chat rules apply in the RDM Manager.
    2.) Any report where the victim is overly hostile or using inappropriate language may be disregarded and/or punishment depending on the type and severity of the offense.
    3.) Any report where the reported player is overly hostile, using inappropriate language, or not giving an actual response may result in a slay for the reported player and/or punishment depending on the type and severity of the offense.
    4.) No inappropriate topics in your reports.
    5.) No false reports, they may result in a slay. (Playful Reports are different and are explained below)

    Regarding "Playful Reports"

    1.) The player you reported must have damaged or killed you.
    2.) Must not contain inappropriate language or topics.

  • Valid reasons to kill

    1.) They are Traitor-baiting, which is shooting at a player with or without the intention of killing them, shooting with a sniper rifle from a distance, or exclaiming that they are the Traitor.
    2.) They killed an Innocent or Detective (unless they are acting upon a KoS).
    3.) They hurt you or another player for 5 or more damage.
    4.) They are tested and proven to be a Traitor (some maps may require you to test several times to prove the authenticity of the test).
    5.) They are in the possession of a Traitor or Detective weapon without being proven innocent. (Includes being disguised as another player)
    6.) They are the only player still alive that is not proven.
    7.) They are shooting at, or near, the Detective.
    8.) They walk directly past an unidentified body in their clear view without identifying it, or are carrying an unidentified body.
    9.) They entered a Traitor-room or a room that is only accessible to Traitors.
    10.) They are lying about killing a Traitor, being tested, or being proven.
    11.) They damaged or destroyed the Detectives equipment.
    12.) They damaged or destroyed the tester.
    13.) They are blocking a door and have refused to move after being given 3 warnings.
    14.) They are continually following you after being given 3 warnings. Counting must be deferred: 1..2..3...4...etc. Do not count really fast and automatically kill them.
    15.) They are attempting to prop-kill.
    16.) They are attempting to push you off of the edge via prop or crowbar.
    17.) They have the "secret knife" and are not proven.
    18.) They are following you or standing beside you with a prop, requires a 5 second countdown, if said prop is designed to kill it can result in an instant KOS.
    19.) Prop pushing you into a corner making it impossible to escape.
    20.) Door spamming (Includes jamming a prop in a door, as the prop can kill).
    21.) They are throwing discombobulators in an area where they can throw people off of a ledge (ex. the top of the TV in teenroom).
    22.) They threw an incendiary grenade near players. 


    If you have a VALID KOS on you, killing players (even if they attack you) is considered RDM.


    Rules Edited by Scrinn on 8/10/17


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