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Gaming Community From 2015-2018

As you can tell, I am officially retiring Colosseum-Gaming.

Since August of 2015, we have reached 218,089 players worldwide, which is a considerable feat. We expanded into 3 different games – CSGO, GMOD and Minecraft. Our most popular server of all time was Hunger Games, which peaked at #18 on GameTracker. Close behind that was Jailbreak, which peaked at #50.

Our full list of servers included:

  • 1v1 Server
  • Base Builder
  • Deathmatch
  • Hunger Games
  • Jailbreak
  • Surf
  • Bunny Hop
  • USP Ninjas
  • Deathrun
  • Trouble in Terrorist Town
  • Dark RP
  • Skyblocks

This community will forever be a learning experience for me. When we first started this community, our primary goal was to be better owners than those we worked under beforehand. While we accomplished that, it was short-lived. Mistakes were made, and those mistakes slowly added up. I now realize a gaming community cannot be ran by one person alone. It takes a team of dedicated, passionate players to help organize, control and make a community what it’s supposed to be…fun.

For that reason, I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in this project. The list is lengthy, but I’d like to name as many people as I can below.

  • Headline
  • Spades
  • PhilipRamZ
  • Akua
  • BushiNinja
  • Secret Burrito
  • Kimilinni
  • Tizona
  • Jabroney
  • Kina
  • Based Link
  • Selinnxox
  • Cryo the God
  • GayFish
  • Smushies
  • Nightmare
  • LenHard’
  • BesteD
  • Yolo
  • Farid
  • Flipp3d
  • Stolas
  • White Ninja
  • Mr. Funbags
  • Pauloxpert
  • X-Noob
  • Starrr
  • Sneaky Fatty
  • Mitch
  • Fuchs
  • Bot Cloner
  • Red John
  • TheRedRiver
  • Apollo
  • SnoopDoge
  • eZ^
  • ZZ
  • Shiirn
  • Inspire
  • Esbelto
  • Scrinn
  • Han’na Hiru
  • Jim Raynor
  • TheRealPayne
  • BootyRay
  • Senpai
  • Datura
  • & everyone else!

A huge shoutout to Headline. You were the reason we started this community to begin with, and you did whatever you had to do to make everyone happy. In the past 3 years, you've gone from an amateur coder to a well-respected developer in the scene. Mostly everything centered around your success, and no one can downplay how much you did for the community. I'm extremely grateful for everything you did, and look forward to working with you again in the future.

I also like to thank all our donators, who helped keep our community on our feet for as long as it did. You guys helped mold CG and put it in the right direction for the longest of times, and I sincerely appreciate it.

Colosseum-Gaming will be merging with Allied-Gaming, both sister communities of our missing parent, Allied-Gamers. Come join today!


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