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gmod textures wont load

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i downloaded css content and half life ep1 and 2 and portal and put it in the addons folder but there is still pink and black and erroers when i join servers

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Are you using content you downloaded from a site? From my experience, most of them don't really work anymore. The site you got them from May have a tutorial though.

The best way to get the textures is just to buy and install CSS, especially since its on sale for a little over $6 right now. Then all you have to do is press the controller icon on the main menu to mount it.

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Ah i c. u wanna put it into some folder. the only way i know is buyin the actual game and clicking the Controller (at main menu) and check the CS:S box. Sorry i dont know the other way but thanks for hopping on

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10 hours ago, KennyZ said:

Yeah thats were i downloaded it 

Did you put the CSS folder into addons as a .zip or did you unzip it? It needs to be unzipped. Also, don't pull the files out of the unzipped folder, just put it in there as it comes out.

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