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The Asian

CS:GO Jailbreak is Back in Business

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I'm going to keep this short and sweet since Bested wants to make his own announcement. Jailbreak is back open!

Many of you know the meme "LenHard's spaghetti code", but fear not, Jailbreak is bug-free! A complete re-haul of the server, including new Special Days, better Gang systems, unique Rebel items, custom Last Requests and the Casino are just some of the many things that make this server pretty amazing!

@LenHard and @BesTeD are your Server Manager and Head Admin, respectively. They have been hard at work the last month preparing this server and running it time and time again to fix all the bugs and come up with bigger and better ideas. 

Let's get CG back on the right track, let's make Jailbreak the best there is!


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Well you read the title, the cancer free killing, rule breaking days are back! I want to specially thank @LenHard for remaking this master piece of a game mode and this time his spaghetti codes can actually hold together without falling apart. LenHard and i spent countless hours bug testing and fixing lots of things and i'm happy to say that we are very happy with the out come with all that work i hope you all will enjoy the server. Well what can i say more other than... all Ts please join the jailbreak server or you will be killed, no warning shots will be given. 5..4..3..2..

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16 hours ago, Based Cav said:

Its back son, im back son, we have been revived.

revived but on life support

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50 minutes ago, Blurry said:

Can I get my admin back when I join?

 this is new jb not old jb u have to reapply. and start from mod agion 

Edited by Rin
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4 hours ago, Rin said:

 this is new jb not old jb u have to reapply. and start from mod agion 

Well I'll check it out. Maybe I'll have to come back.... :)

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