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Pvt Esbelto

Esbelto has been promoted to GMOD TTT SM!

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Hey y'all, Esbelto here, today I'd like to announce I am now SM of GMOD TTT, after a talk with @Scrinn he gave me SM, he will be resigning as he has more issues IRL that are more important then the server, I wish him the best of luck to what happens to him in the future and would like to say thank you for choosing me! I hope to make a ton of y'all happy with the new updates here to come. Talkin bout maps, weapons, player models, new addons, talkin bout shit that'll make you wetter then the dead sea. Thank you, the GMOD TTT community, for making this game and gamemode fun for me once again, once again thank you and peace out from y'alls favorite E-2...




Also faggot is unbanned on CG GMOD TTT. Enjoy faggots.

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fuck off faggot








jk praise be our (new) benevolent overlord <3

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4 minutes ago, Hreta said:

Where do i make a unpermagag request?

you dont i like it when your gagged so i dont hear your faggotry

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Guys. It's obvious things aren't going as planned but give him a break.


He's at least trying to add new things and make it fun.


I'm sure he's stressed out enough as it is.

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And just like that we are 3 steps away from The new and improved AG ttt C; it is a proud day for us gmod players. Slowly we shall form into the old ag server and then break away from the tyranny of cg and find our motherland once again. The prophecy fortold a time like this. @Pvt Esbelto

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