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  1. Today
  2. oG Dankys mod application

    Wait why are you tagging me? I'm barely a part of the server at all lol I can't really help you. Edit: besides, you've shown previous bad behavior and because of it you were demoted and banned, so you gotta take that into account too.
  3. oG Dankys mod application

  4. Yesterday
  5. oG Dankys mod application

  6. oG Dankys mod application

    Title: [GmodTTT][MOD][Name] In Game Name: oG Danky SteamID: Hours In Server (gametracker): 21hrs after reset, 3 weeks before, proof with steam screanshot Recommendations By Moderators | Admins (required): Zypher Do You Know Basic Admin Commands For Gmod (ULX): Yes mostly all of them What Rules Are Most Commonly Broken: none but when i do see rules be broken its RDM Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff: i was one of the most active as staff before the huge update Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server: YEs Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server: yes Any Further Comments: I Thank you for taking your time in reading this and hope you upvote my post
  7. Foxtrot's Staff app

    I mean we just gave rin forum staff xd so i don't see why he can't have a chance +1 And I mean no can be as mute happy as @Jamesso why not right
  8. Last week
  9. Foxtrot's Staff app

    tbh honest I agree with what esbelto says but he's new and he is very active and the 48 hour doesn't really apply seeing as the sever is coming back from the dead right now, Neutral
  10. Foxtrot's Staff app

    This doesnt mean that ur not able to get mod tho foxtrot. Keep coming on the server and getting more hours!~ U can do it!~
  11. Expressing Graditute

    Was all you and changes you made, congrats bruv you deserve it. Much dedication and love you put in the server and you continue to do great things yo
  12. Foxtrot's Staff app

    lol no you'd gag people you find annoying, too immature for head admin and doesnt know how to deal with people who curse too much, would need a lot more training and tolerance of random internet peoples before I could +1 you. til then -1
  13. Coming out of retirement

    its been happening even before when i was sm but hid under a thin layer of sorrys. much love to you micro, go places buddy couldnt have said it better honestly
  14. In Game Name : Previously known as Mark Jefferson, will be known as Edgar from now on. Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:107825424 Hours In Server (gametracker) : 30.2h // 1816 minutes across all alias' I've used on the server. Recommendations By Moderators | Admins : Do You Know Basic Admin Commands for GMOD (ulx) : Yes. Why Do You Think You Deserve Staff : I can assist in dealing with rulebreakers when other staff aren't available, I am very familiar with ULX. I enjoy helping servers and it's really the only thing I want to do, (TTT requires me to mostly play anyways, and it's a break from DarkRP). I want to help the Gmod TTT server become popular by helping to create an environment that players will want to come back to. I am very active (online all day after 12pm(noon) EST, and after 8-10am on weekends.) and I can attempt to balance my duties on both servers (I should be able to leave and join CG if I am needed, or I will join ASAP, otherwise.) What Rules Do You See Commonly Broken on TTT : RDM would be the main one. Killing on suspicion/if they have a gun that was used to kill a player. Micspamming + slander. Have You Previously Been Staff For This Server : Nope. Have You Previously Been Staff For Any Server : Currently an Admin on Ace DarkRP, all other positions I've had are on dead servers. Only one I can remember is Infamous Jailbreak, which I was Admin/Head-Admin. Any More Comments : Discord is: Edgar#4263
  15. Foxtrot's Staff app

    applying during hg in its prime and gmod ttt when it's coming back don't really correlate
  16. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    OH DAMN, My super intelligent plan to donate 5$ in the last possible moment and take a prise failed... Have to come with something smarter then that..
  17. Foxtrot's Staff app

    -1 you need more hours
  18. Expressing Graditute

    Seriously that will be the thing that gets me to actually play CSGO for more than 5 minutes some of the plugins dont work now xd most important 1 is the win counter which i need it, trying the get them to work
  19. Coming out of retirement

    whatever belto did to you he did out of love, i also love you
  20. Expressing Graditute

    Seriously that will be the thing that gets me to actually play CSGO for more than 5 minutes
  21. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    you're a fuckin nerd
  22. Expressing Graditute

    Where's my Hunger Games at C:
  23. Expressing Graditute

    Lol Sorry @James Cant help u there.
  24. Expressing Graditute

    if only cs TTT could come back
  25. Expressing Graditute

    Guys I'd just like to say. Thank you for all your support and help through the hardships of the server. We are making a massive come back to the server. Theres a work still and some tough decisions to make but I just want to say to everyone. Thank you so much. I really couldnt have done this without all of you... In game tracker we are in the 79% Percentitle Rank: 828 And that is jumping very rapidly!!! We were rank 2000+ in the 68%. And just in a few weeks we turned this thing around and almost are getting really popular! Once again guys, I really couldn't have done it without this community we have. We have a highs and lows and need help, and thats what makes this community all great. We all pitch in to help the one guy thats bringing everything together. When I get on and hear ppl say, "Wow this server is awesome!" Its not just by me guys. Its you. Your the reason why CG is still here today. Thank you guys so much for all that you have done. I'll see you on the server. I'm all fired up! -- Jim Raynor
  26. Coming out of retirement

    Nooooooooooooope not happenin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  27. We're Back! Winter Raffle!

    Im down! Sounds great! My the odd ever been in everyones favor~
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