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  2. ~The GMOD Purge~

    Hey y'all Esbelto here, now I've been needing to do this for a while as an inactive SM, I got carried away and focused on other things once I got back from NTC and I need to focus on reviving the server. Lets talk big things now, What do you want removed? What is cluttering up the server? Ideas of what to do mainly to the server, mainly on removal of ANYTHING, I'm gonna try to bring FPS and PING back to normal on the server and remove the ridiculous load time. Other then that I'll start purging addons today starting now, lets get this bitch going. Goals 1. Remove the ridiculous load time. 2. Bring FPS back to normal for each and every PC. 3. Bring the ping back to normal. 4. Still keep the server fresh and fun for every individual. 5. Make the server active again. (obviously) Purge list~ 1. Cup PM's removed. 2. All TFA Robotnik stuff 3. All TFA Halo Weapons
  3. Today
  4. Philip's Bye Bye

    Yea that shit dumb af just hang in yo
  5. Last week
  6. Philip's Bye Bye

    nah fam still alive I go to my bc batallion on Friday. currently in receiving which is boring af.
  7. Something UBER Fun♥

  8. Things that need to be said.

    kys <3
  9. Things that need to be said.

    Its the internet, people lose there temper and say things they shouldn't all the time. As long as you recover and return to normal it will be forgotten. I was getting pretty annoyed with all of the asian bashing so this is nice to see. Hope that phase for everyone is over (doubt it, especially for @Dyrus xd)
  10. Something UBER Fun♥

    pretty garbage. u clearly play like 1 game a day
  11. Philip's Bye Bye

    How did the Moon Man become the leader of the Triple K Mafia?
  12. Philip's Bye Bye

    rip ty 4 pizza
  13. Philip's Bye Bye

    Philip will be the first member of the Army to die on the bus ride to basic training
  14. Something UBER Fun♥

    we could do a dominoes tournament 2v2 or 4v4 (2 on each team) https://dominoes.playdrift.com/
  15. Something UBER Fun♥

    I guess id play ToS, probably not league though because it just wouldnt be fun Other than that, movie nights suck because if you get 5 or more retards in a room theres a good to fair chance one of use gonna have to yell at someone to shut the fuck up so i can actually watch the movie. Other than that there really isnt much to do. Except maybe play the best game on the internet, Fortnite.
  16. Something UBER Fun♥

    I can host something on Tuesday/Thursdays, I play ToS still so if you guys wanna get lynched we can get that started.
  17. Headline's Resignation

    Just saw this, @Spades WHEN THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO CALI?! WE SHALL ALL GO TO DISNEYLAND! On a less large font. Thanks Weedliner, you the dankest around.
  18. Something UBER Fun♥

    Unless you are Vangie,which you spam the fuck outta events. CLEARLY BECAUSE RIN ISN'T VANGIE Vangie, unfortunately, is highly busy with college and work. She is also trying to plan her life ahead and moving next year. She may do a call for her California trip because Vangie is very irl now and I wanna get drunk and puke in the only place I've ever puked before at. Plus Anthony has like this thing that he wants A L L my attention. So yeah, me and bringing events is hard :) Plus I'm trying to level on steam on holiday sale time so I'm marketing on the side. yea yea, I owe @Flipp3d a hangout. And Kimi owes me a hangout. And I'm not much in the community either.
  19. Something UBER Fun♥

    New season is shit though so League is bad
  20. Something UBER Fun♥

  21. Something UBER Fun♥

    5 v5 on league would be nice. ive been shit leveling my morgana main. ready to take you scrubs
  22. Something UBER Fun♥

    well yesterday's trash ends up where its supposed to in the fucking trash can
  23. Something UBER Fun♥

    I'll have you know I'm no fucking babon and it's not like every time I'm solo I go to either school or military base
  24. Something UBER Fun♥

    I dont squad with babons
  25. Things that need to be said.

    After talking to you, I'm cool with you and shit like this won't get you down, just don't let it happen again. Oh yeah btw really good you posted in your status update
  26. Something UBER Fun♥

    PUBG games with squads, only way
  27. Something UBER Fun♥

    league 1v1 tournaments sounds nice
  28. Something UBER Fun♥

    guys please stay on topic. :c we need to do some fun things as a community.
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