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Staff Changes to Hunger Games

Shining light on an important subject, dating back up to 5 months ago, the server is slowly crumbling. While it is the job of the Server Manager and Head Admin to make the server fun and engaging so that players remain on the server, both of them are unable to fulfill their duties at this time. As such, @HappyYiffer and @fuchs have consented to step down for the time being until they can make more time for Hunger Games.

In further news, all staff - Server Manager down to Moderators - are now demoted and have been stripped of their ranks in the server. If you would like to contest your position, please provide a link of your Game-tracker profile so that we may go over your activity this past month and decide whether your position is deserving.

It's still the beginning of the summer, and while there are other projects in turn, Hunger Games is a cornerstone of our community and we should be doing to bring it back to our rightful spot on top of all Hunger Games servers in the world. 

I will be talking with @Headline to discuss potential Server Managers fit enough to return Hunger Games back to glory. 


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Yoooooo couldn't get to this post any sooner as i was on vacation this past week but i would love to also be reconsidered as staff for HG because this is where my career on CG servers started, i was a long time dedicated player but as the server has dropped off in recent months i have started to focus more time on the TTT server as it has been very popular, but i do recognize the need to bring the server back to life and i would love to continue to be part of the team to do so, afterall i came to this community because of HG and i would love to see it in its former glory :) #makehungergamesgreatagain

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