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Leave a Review, Earn a Perk

Hey guys if you want to get perks quick but don't have money I got a solution that will help us both :)

If you really want to help me out, I have a task for you -

At work I got many clients that are in need of AWESOME reviews online (meaning creative 5 star reviews). 

If you want to help, for every 5 star review you leave, I'll award $2 in-game credit, which can be used for any server, Teamspeak or forums.

In order to claim it, simply leave on my profile or DM me with your review links and the server you want your credit to be applied to.

It takes about 5 minutes tops for each review, it'd really help me out! Don't mess it up by being a dumb ass and leaving a bad review.  If you have nothing good to say, then don't. I won't have anything good for you either.

For the complete list click below -



One Stop

Easy Run

Green City

Lucia CPA

Select ACR

Smart Dental

Smart Dental

Bullseye Sports

Beltfed Precision Products

Edited by The Asian

Report Record

User Feedback

I'm gonna do this for the forums award tbh

(gonna do reviews under the name Filipe tres for keks)

Edited by Flipp3d

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For those who have participated, I'd like to thank you all. It means a lot to me and your 'well fake' reviews actually help out the companies you did them for.

All current outstanding credits will be awarded as soon as we finish up on our side more donor perks.

This concludes this event, if you have not gotten the award for this event, please leave a comment on my profile.

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