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Congrats to Scrinn on Forum Admin!

Many thanks to Scrinn. With his help we have fixed many forum bugs that otherwise would've never been dealt with.
Today I have decided to promote Scrinn from his Forum Moderator position to a Forum Administrator. We now have two Forum Admins, @vanG and @Scrinn. Scrinn now holds Forum Admin and Head Admin in GMOD TTT.
To some of you it may seem that seem that Scrinn is being promoted too fast, but he has earned it. Scrinn is a trustworthy individual who has put forth time and effort into ever improving the GMOD TTT server, and has shown lots of interest in making the forums a better place. Congratulations to Scrinn!
Philip you are no longer my forum baby, jk <3

Forum Update 4.1.18

With the release of the 4.1.18 version of Invision Power, I decided it was time to release the new layout of the forum, plus a few extras.
New Theme - 
We start off with the new theme. Some of you have already made clear that the new theme is different and clearly you don't want change. However I can give an explanation as to why we switched to this theme.
With the previous theme, Titan, it seemed to create a massive mobile and desktop lag that wasn't apparent in the Animate theme. There were many background images that were loading on each forum category, causing the forum's load time to increase. This new layout fully utilizes the latest IPB applications, as we updated the forum software about halfway through January. This includes - Leaderboard - Kind of like a Top 10 Board, this is a full statistic leaderboard of the forum, from reputation to posts and more. Slideshow - With the slideshow at the top, important News and Events as well as Meetings and whatever else can be put here for you to see. Home Page - I've been working on getting a Portal page going for a long time, and now is the time to finally get one up. For those that have noticed, I've previously tried to with Wordpress integration, a nasty landing page, a terrible plugin, but this new Home Page works out just right! New Engagements -
Following the change in the Theme, there also comes updated forum knick knacks.
Background Images - Thanks to @Scrinn we now have Backgrounds for profiles. Customize your background image by clicking on the button on your Profile Banner. To see the full background, simply hover at the top of your profile. New Member Avatars - This previously was mentioned and now finally implemented. Those who are new to the forums have a default avatar that matches the first letter in their name. Since it looks rather off place (and by that I mean the offset position of the letter), new members will be more willing to change their default avatar to an unique one. With the ever improving changes to the software, we may soon have forum games that'll keep some of you forum night stalkers entertained. Bug Fixes / Change-logs -
For the past couple of months, we have had spam bots registering on the forum and posting some dumb crap about some One Piece and Naruto online games that seem legitimate, but install viruses on your computer. If any of you have visited their website, please run a malware check on your computer. The issue regarding them registering has been resolved, so the problem should no longer happen. I like to thank the Forum Mods for doing something productive :) and taking care of the problem as soon as it happened. Chatbox didn't show up for newly created Forum Groups, the problem is now resolved @Dyrus Two-Factor Mobile Authentication has been Released. If you wish to give your forum account the security it deserves, activate this! Go to your Account Settings on your Profile and follow the steps from there. This works only with the Google Authenticator app on smartphone devices. Simplifying - 
I added footer to the forum, and moved some of the less used applications to here. This includes the Gallery, Calendar, Activity Feed and Award List. While they are still used, it seemed to clutter the navbar more than anything. Donation System - 
The system is still incomplete. We are still waiting for @Headline to complete the Steam Donation System plugin for the CS:GO servers. @Han'na-Hiru and @Scrinn or any GMOD Dev needs to find a resourceful LUA coder to create a plugin that can mimic the same system Headline is creating for Sourcemod. As for the system itself, if you are looking for perks, I suggest continuing to use the Store. It is not guaranteed you will get your server perks in-game through the Steam Donation System until it is fully integrated. Until then, it is basically on the forum for show.  

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