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What's Up CG?
  • Happy New Years! Let's make 2018 great for CG!
  • If you're looking at playing CS 1.6, we suggest GirlGam3r's Jailbreak!
  • Quote of the Day - "Don't hate the player hate the game."
  • For any inquiries about CSGO TTT or Hunger Games, contact Mitch and Bot Cloner, respectively.

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Recent Announcements


Community Versus ARAM Competition

Let's start the year off on the right foot! On January 20th, 2017, we'll be having a friendly competition vs. Allied-Gaming. There'll be a Best-of-3 ARAM between us and them, and the winning team will individually receive a winter-themed skin.
The event will be hosted in AG's Teamspeak (ts3.allied-gaming.com) at 8pm EST | pm CST | 5pm PST
If you want to play, simply comment on this post. From there - depending on the number of people who sign up - may be a random selection to see who plays!

Jim Raynor became the new Server Manager on GMOD TTT

Hey everyone! Pretty much everyone knows now, but Esbelto has retired from the Gmod TTT Server. I'm thankful for what he as done in the past and now, he's moving on. Thanks for ur SA Service on TTT Esbelto!
Now I'm the new Server Manager! Ill be working on a lot of stuff trying to make download a lot faster. That means I am going to have to cut out some of the stuff that we like on the server. I know some stuff is great and all, but we need to do this if we can get the server back up and running. Plus! I need people to join. All you members out there I'm calling out for help! We need to get our server up and running. Once we get more ppl on; the more users will join us (as long as ur not dicks or they are not dicks). 
I hope to have you guys help me make this server popular again! Battle On my friends!

Let's Rebuild CG, Together

The past few months have been incredibly tough for Colosseum Gaming. I know this community is in a slump. Yes, it is dying, but I don’t want it to and hopefully you don’t either. I’ve known a lot of you since the day we started, and I haven’t been the best owner some of you wanted me to be. However, I don’t want to see this community which once was a thriving place for players to meet up to see the same fate as preceding communities have.
As Owner, I sincerely apologize for the lack of time and dedication asked from me to keep the community going. The way the community has begun to shape up is largely due to neglection and poor management skills. I largely hoped for the longest of time Spades would come back and step up to be the leader I knew I couldn’t be, but that moment’s long gone. While we both share the blame, we all know I could’ve done a better job all this time to make things work. It’s time to move on from what we once were to what we have now.
Today, I want to put an end to our dry period and start new things to liven the community once more. I will do my part to create many more events in our servers and other games, as well as do giveaways to bring in new people. I will be asking for those wanting to step up to help me set up weekly weekend/weekday events that will bring the community together.
I’m going to need your guys’ help. The past two years has been a huge roller-coaster, and we still have plenty of room to grow. Along with the Council, I will do my honest best to bring the community back onto its feet, but I ask for your help and support. Let’s make the community the image we all thought it was going to be when we first started, let’s rebuild.

CSGO TTT Is Back (soon)

It's been while since the server has been functional and populated and I am aware that you want the fun to return. I am glad to announce that (if all goes to plan) the server will be up and running in the next couple weeks. As this task is completely new to me I have asked a very good friend of mine to assist in the behind the scenes work. @Mo0k is someone i have know for a very long time and i have complete trust that both him and I can bring the server above what you knew it as before.
If you have any questions or suggestions on the server please contact me or @Mo0k.  
Thank you.

Battle of the Communities IV

We've been invited to Battle of the Communities IV, an annual CS:GO tournament between gaming communities! Battle of the Communities IV is being hosted by the EdgeGamers' CS Leadership team. We are extremely excited to have you all come play, cheer on our team, and support the clan! The tournament will be played on October 14th -15th and there will be a prize for the winners of the event! As the dates approach we will be posting more information about BOTC! We hope to see you all there! 
If you're interested, read the rules below and comment for a chance to participate. We will have 5 starters and 3 substitutes maximum so there's plenty of room for opportunity!
EdgeGamers Hellsgamers Prestige Gaming Renegade Army Colosseum Gaming  Tango WorldWide Serious Gmod Allied-Gaming Rules
Rules are subject to change.
EdgeGamers (eGO) Tournament Staff has the final word on all rules and interpretation issues.
These rules are intended to ensure a positive gaming experience for the EdgeGamers community through the facilitation of spirited competitive play, while retaining respect for fellow players. Where the "letter of the law" may be wrong, eGO Tournament Staff retains the right to uphold the "spirit of the law".
Rules - Short Version
A team will consist of up to nine players. If a team is not able to attend, they will lose by default. If a team is not able to complete a match, they will lose by default. No substitutes will be allowed once the match starts. Each team is allowed a single time out per match. Any disconnects during a round will be considered a death for that player. Matches will be played on the eGO CS:GO Event Server with eGO Tournament Staff to moderate. The tournament will be a double elimination setup. The first team to win 16 rounds will be the winner. Players with a previous VAC ban on any account within the past 365 days or have less than 25 hours recorded on CS:GO will not be allowed to enter. VAC bans received at any point during the tournament, regardless of the game, will be considered an automatic disqualification. Players will record demos of all their matches and be willing to submit them for review upon request. Cheating of any kind will result in the team's removal from this and possibly future tournaments. All eGO Rules apply.
Rules - Long Version

Section 1: Eligibility

1.1 Eligibility Conditions
The following are required for all participants:
-All players must be MAUL verified.
- You must have no bans for cheating through MAUL or VAC within the past 365 days.
- You must have no current bans on the EdgeGamers servers.

Section 2: Tournament Conduct

2.1 Alignment of Rules
All eGO rules and guidelines are in effect for the duration of the event. These include, but are not limited to, conduct, behavior, language, respect, and maturity.
All participants are expected to conduct themselves with the highest standard of sportsmanship and respect their teammates and their competitors for the duration of the event.
2.2 Team Communications
Teams are allowed to communicate with each other via text chat so long as the communicate is appropriate and respectful.
If there is a need to communicate with a referee, please ask the question in staff chat. The referee will then decide upon the appropriate course of action. Staff chat can be accessed by using the % in team chat followed by your message.
2.2.1 In-Game Voice
At all times: Voice chat will be limited to team communication. If necessary, the referees will communicate vocally to both teams.
2.2.2 Admin Chat
Players who do have the ability to use admin chat should refrain from doing so. Admin chat will be used only by referees if necessary.

2.2.3 Questions/Communications to Referee
During game play: The match referee holds the right to ignore and decline to answer any questions regarding rules interpretation, referee decisions, and questions which are answered elsewhere.
During non-game play: The match referee may answer any and all questions if they so choose.
Section 3: Exploitation

3.0 Use of Models
Players must use:
- Default player models
- Default point-of-view ("POV")
- Default sounds
3.1 Use of Sprites
Only default sprites may be used.
3.2 CVARs
Client Variables (CVARs), or any other client side settings or applications that would yield an unfair advantage in match play are not allowed. These CVARs include, but are not limited to: any commands that alter weather; alter the effectiveness of smoke/fragmentation grenades; remove or lessen ambient sounds; modify textures to an extent that would yield an unfair advantage; modify lighting to an extent that would yield an unfair advantage; make any solid object or surface see-through or invisible; modify hitboxes and/or player movement in an unfair way. Interpretation of the legality of CVARs is left to the discretion of eGO Tournament Staff.
3.3 Map/Game Manipulation
3.3.1 Map Exploits
Any form of exploiting the map or the use of map bugs to kill or harm opponents is illegal. This includes boosting exploits, movement exploits, and any other form of exploitation.
3.3.2 Keyboard/Mouse Binds
Players are prohibited from binding any action in conjunction with +attack.
Players may not bind "+attack" to "mwheelup" or "mwheeldown" to accelerate shooting weapons faster than they are intended to be.
Players may not use any kind of macro to allow the shooting of weapons faster. This applies to any keyboard/mouse or even a program that allows you to setup a macro to do so.
3.3.3 CVAR Exploits
A client or server variable that allows for or forces an object to be translucent or invisible is illegal.
3.3.4 Sound Exploits
The toggling/changing of any sound cvar during a match is illegal.
3.4 Right To Examine
All clients connecting to the eGO Event Server explicitly permit the use of anti-cheat detection applications.
Clients connected to the eGO Event Server grant eGO the right to use any application, at its discretion, to examine client CS:GO configurations.

Section 4: Server Configuration

4.1 Pure Server
The server shall be set to use the setting of sv_pure 2.
All non-standard client/user content shall be ignored.
4.2 Server Malfunction or Configuration Error
If an error causes the server to malfunction or otherwise cause the match to be unplayable:
In the first five rounds of play: The match will be restarted.
After the first five rounds of play: The match will be suspended and can be restarted at the discretion of eGO Tournament Staff. If the match is decided to not be restarted, the game will continue at the score marker prior to the server malfunction.
4.3 Match Configuration
The server will be running an ESEA specific match config. The match will have a time limit set at 1:55 per round. The in-game server administrators will be responsible for running the configs.
4.4 Game Recording
The game will be spectated and recorded by an official eGO Tournament Staff member. All players will also be required to record a demo of their game play. Players should start recording demos prior to the beginning of the match. Players should stop recording when instructed to by a referee. Demos must be held for 48 hours after the match ends.

Section 5: Tournament Time & Date

5.1 Time/Date
The scheduled time/date may not be modified. All teams are expected to show up and be ready to play at any time during the tournament day. If a team is unable to make it, the match will count as a loss for the team that did not attend. All times listed in the tournament schedule are subject to change.

Section 6: Location

6.1 Location of Tournament
The Tournament will be held on the eGO CS:GO Event server. If the server is not available due to technical or other issues, the match will be postponed and rescheduled until such time that the server becomes available again.
6.2 Pre-Match
Those who want to participate in the tournament will need to be in the designated server no later than 15 minutes prior to their match time.
6.3 Server Connection
Upon receiving the server password, all players shall have 5 minutes to connect and log onto the given CS:GO eGO server.
6.4 Match Start
Deathmatch will initially be enabled, followed by the game restarting and the scores will begin recording.

Section 7: Tournament Setup

7.1 Matches
Tournament will be set up with a double elimination format. The winner of each match will move on in the Winners Bracket. The other will be moved to the Losers Bracket. A loss in the Losers Bracket will result in the elimination from the tournament. Matches will continue until only 2 teams remain. Players should be attempting to complete objectives at all times. Referees will advise you of your actions if you do not adhere to this style of play.
7.2 Winner Bracket Finals
The winner bracket finals will be a best of 3 match. The first team to win 2 maps will move into the Grand Finals. The losing team will be moved to the Loser Bracket Finals.
7.3 Loser Bracket Finals
The loser bracket finals will be a best of 3 match. The first team to win 2 maps will move into the Grand Finals.
7.4 Grand Finals
Finals will consist of the final two teams. The Grand Finals match will be a best of 5 match. The team emerging from the winners bracket will start with a 1 map advantage. The first team to win 3 maps will be designated the winner.

Section 8: Disputes

8.1 - Disputes
Any disputes regarding game play, exploits, cheating or tactics must be submitted to one of the Tournament Staff members via private message on the edge-gamers.com forums with proof of the occurrence and a detailed description including the associated times. Disputes must be filed within 48 hours of the end of the match. If a player is unsure if something would be considered an exploit or would like more information about who to file a dispute with, they should contact an eGO Tournament Staff member.
8.2 – Sportsmanship
All registrants are required to display the highest standards of conduct and observe common sportsmanship during matches. Name calling, taunting, complaining, swearing, cheating, and temper tantrums will not be tolerated and may result in the disqualification of offending player(s).
8.3 - Penalties
Penalties are broken into two categories, technical penalties and penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct. A technical penalty occurs when the procedures for participating in a match outlined in any previous section are not followed.
First violation: A warning to the participants.
Second violation: The participants will forfeit one round to the opposing team
Third violation: The participants will be removed from the tournament.
Note that these penalties can be increased at any point in time based on the discretion of tournament staff. You may also be suspended for actions that are not covered above. Ultimately, suspension length rests at the discretion of tournament staff and are subject to change at any time.
All penalties will be reviewed to ensure fairness across the tournament by match referees and tournament staff.
CS Leadership reserves the right to disqualify anyone at anytime. The tournament rules are subject to change at any time. If any changes to the rules occur, participants will be notified through the forum on the EdgeGamers website, through private message, email, or through the team's local community staff.

The Community Council

This past week marked our 2nd year being together under Colosseum-Gaming. Now, the last few months we've slowed to a crawl due to many reasons, one of them being lack of official upper staff capable of helping out the servers and forums grow. @Headline and @Spades will continue to be inactive, so the time is now to implement our own Community Council.
Who is the Community Council?
The Community Council will consist of both the Owners and a group of dedicated members proven and willing to help lead the community onward.

The Community Council will have the following community access:
Access to all NFO server access, FTP and database information. Official admins on GameTracker and our CG Steam Group. Control the Donation app and the prices of donor items. Will confer and make official decisions that affect the entirety of the community. Launch of new servers and expansions to different games (where our donations go towards) Big Updates to the Forum. Community Blacklists and Unban Requests. Promotion of Developers, Server Managers and Forum Administrators. Complete control over the Forums, Discord, Teamspeak and the servers Our First Community Council Members includes so far (There'll be 7 Members in the End,  We've Already Contacted 2 Others):
@Han'na-Hiru @Scrinn @Philip @The Asian
What Will We Be Doing?
Our number one goal at the moment is to revitalize the community. That starts with more events, being more active and above all making it fun again.
Second, we'll work on bringing activity to Forums and to our Steam Group. More giveaways will be done and more interesting things to find on both platforms.
Lastly, the Community Council will essentially be replacing the current Owners and Global Administrators as to making decisions that better help the community. Because there'll be 7 members, it'll open up who has total access to the community and who can better improve our community.

CS:GO Jailbreak is Back in Business

I'm going to keep this short and sweet since Bested wants to make his own announcement, but Jailbreak is back open!
Many of you know the meme "LenHard's spaghetti code", but fear not, Jailbreak is bug-free! A complete re-haul of the server, including new Special Days, better Gang systems, Blackjack and Jackpot are just some of the many things that make this server pretty amazing!
@LenHard and @BesTeD are your Server Manager and Head Admin, formally. 
Let's get CG back on the right track, let's make Jailbreak the best there is!

Staff Changes to Hunger Games

Shining light on an important subject, dating back up to 5 months ago, the server is slowly crumbling. While it is the job of the Server Manager and Head Admin to make the server fun and engaging so that players remain on the server, both of them are unable to fulfill their duties at this time. As such, @HappyYiffer and @fuchs have consented to step down for the time being until they can make more time for Hunger Games.
In further news, all staff - Server Manager down to Moderators - are now demoted and have been stripped of their ranks in the server. If you would like to contest your position, please provide a link of your Game-tracker profile so that we may go over your activity this past month and decide whether your position is deserving.
It's still the beginning of the summer, and while there are other projects in turn, Hunger Games is a cornerstone of our community and we should be doing to bring it back to our rightful spot on top of all Hunger Games servers in the world. 
I will be talking with @Headline to discuss potential Server Managers fit enough to return Hunger Games back to glory. 

CS:GO Extravagnza

July 8-9 and July 15-16 
Guys, it's that time of the year again when you stay indoors all day and play video games!
We have been invited to participate in the CS:GO Extravaganza! This will be an eight team extravaganza with all eight teams composed of members of different gaming communities, consisting of an upper bracket and a lower bracket, double elimination style. 
The winner swill have bragging rights, and be crowned the CS:GO 5v5 champion! So let's win!
Tournament Details -
All games will be best-of-ones, besides round four of the lower bracket, the semifinals and the grand finals being best-of-threes. All teams must have 5 players, and an optional 2 subs chosen for each team beforehand. Starts at 4PM EST each day of the event. The games will be streamed, the stream will be available on the forums when live. Participating Communities -
Colosseum Gaming Edge Gamers GFL Clan HellsGamers Prestige Gaming SkyNet Gaming Serious GMOD Tango Worldwide Represent CG!
If you want to play for us in this tournament between communities, you must be 
Willing to practice as a team to prepare for the tourney. Be available the weekends of July 8-9 and 15-16 to play in the tournament. Master Guardian or higher in MM Reply here with your MM rank if you want to participate. We are allotted 5 players with 2 substitutes. Roster must be finalized by the 23rd. Players will be chosen by assessing skill in the CS:GO servers. (TTT and Hunger Games)
Remember, if you aren't playing, support those who are!

Esbelto has been promoted to GMOD TTT SM!

Hey y'all, Esbelto here, today I'd like to announce I am now SM of GMOD TTT, after a talk with @Scrinn he gave me SM, he will be resigning as he has more issues IRL that are more important then the server, I wish him the best of luck to what happens to him in the future and would like to say thank you for choosing me! I hope to make a ton of y'all happy with the new updates here to come. Talkin bout maps, weapons, player models, new addons, talkin bout shit that'll make you wetter then the dead sea. Thank you, the GMOD TTT community, for making this game and gamemode fun for me once again, once again thank you and peace out from y'alls favorite E-2...
Also faggot is unbanned on CG GMOD TTT. Enjoy faggots.

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